10 New Year Resolutions You Can Easily Stick To

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People rarely keep to their new year resolutions because its not easy to stick to a mere promise to keep without the strategy and discipline required or needed. However, factboyz has come up with 10 resolutions that are pretty easy to keep. Enjoy and gear up for the new year!


  • Invest in fruits and vegetables
    Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. You can get fresh fruits such as paw-paw, oranges, watermelon, avocado pear and bananas at your local market. It doesn’t cost so much naira. Vegetables help us stay healthy all year round.
    • Get enough sleep

    Sleep is a good remedy from stress and general fatigue. Relax your mind by taking a hot bath every night as the case may be and settle for a good book while waiting for sleep to do its job.

    • Cut calories from beverages

    If you need a lot of calories, get them from solid food. Your liquid food should have as minimum calories as possible. Avoid having beverages frequently to reduce excess calories. Hence, you might have to deal with fat!

    • Be a better listener

    Be patient and practice listening more than voicing your anxieties. Doing this makes you more patient and understanding. People will learn to respect your good listening skills by taking you serious when you speak. It also makes people trust you.

    • Take out time for yourself

    The Nigerian environment is not so serene for good relaxation. However, there are very quiet spots where you can relax, chill and refresh your mind. Make up your mind to treat yourself well; once in a while. Check out our post on cool places you can visit in Nigeria

    • Work toward improving your relationships
      Small gestures of love and attention toward your family build a firm bond of trust and secures your relationships. Make your family members feel needed and take some hours out of your hectic schedules to spend time with them. Value the time you spend with your spouse and the kids.
      • Forget the past

      Dwelling about your past will never ease your burden of regrets. Learn from your mistakes and move on to work on a better present and happy future. Never cry for long over mistakes. Learn to dump mistakes and move on; becoming a better person.

      • Organize your desk
        A disorganized desk at home, school or office reflects on how organized (or disorganized) you are in your workflow. Try to keep as few items as possible on your desk to increase your productivity and value.
        • Drink more water

        Water boosts your metabolism, protects your spinal cord and increases your immunity. Some doctors suggest drinking eight glasses of water a day is sufficient but one should drink enough water suiting their lifestyles.

        • Get over your smartphone addiction
          Learn to keep your eyes away from that addictive game or that unavoidable gossip on chat. Engage in physical interactions as that would help you enjoy both your real and virtual lives better. Don’t let a machine rule your life!

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