Ten Wishes Of The Nigeria I Want To Live In

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By Jayamma Abanobi

Globally, countries try their very best to ensure they provide basic amenities for their citizens to make life easy and better. No doubt, Nigeria is still struggling to keep up in providing constant electricity, water, and quality education and healthcare. Truly the oil-rich country is in a pitiable state. Hope must not be lost. However, factboyz.com has compiled a list of lessons Nigerian leaders should learn and how they can make Nigeria lovable again

1. Unity: I wish Nigerians can learn to shove tribalism aside and learn to tolerate one another as brothers and sisters. What is there in being united? Living in harmony, doing business anywhere in the country with absolute peace of mind. Learning to tolerate Christians as Muslims and accepting Muslims as Christians. Learning to respect each other’s opinion in a pure state of mind. We can be united if we can put tribalism and religious affiliations aside. I dream of a Nigeria, were everyone is respected and treated equally.

2. Environment: I wish our environment was devoid of noise from hawkers and bus conductors. I wish our environment looked more like this- People walking in streets lacking dust and noise, with trees by the side, a train above filled with passengers heading for work or school… An environment where the government provides beautifully tarred roads exclusively for cyclists; riding on their bicycles; humming a tune and filling safely in Nigeria. We can make that happen. Leaders where are you?

3. Education: I wish our public schools would become far more better and preferable than private schools. Public schools with automated classrooms that will appeal every young Nigerian who wants to learn. Where anyone can afford and have access to schooling irrespective of social status, tribe or religion. Our campuses fully equipped in the best worldwide standards. Where Nigerian students compete with the best in the world. We can make that happen. You and I are the difference.

4. Transport: I wish our transportation system will be the best worldwide. In this, we can have civil workers living in Enugu and working in Port Harcourt. Travelling by standard world-class trains fully equipped with it’s basic. A time when Nigerians will see no need having cars because of the good railway system May the eyes of our leaders be opened to see the massive revenue that can be gotten from an efficient transport system coupled with massive jobs it can create.

5. Industries: I wish the industries in Nigeria will be so much that most worldwide brands will be from Nigeria. Wherein unemployment will be unheard of. Diversified industries. Automobiles, toys stationaries, technology gadgets in a serene environment.

6. Housing: I wish Nigeria’s housing will be very affordable to the common; with the basic needs such as electricity, gas, water fully fitted into the house. Houses in secured neighbourhoods without fear of kidnapping or armed robbery. Where Nigerian children can come outside well-planned streets to play.

7. Electricity: I wish power epilepsy in Nigeria will become a thing of the past; where we can have constant electricity 24 hours a day 7 days a week without fear of power shortage. Nigerians no longer being worried about recharging their smartphones and electronic gadgets because of the constant power supply.

8. Food: I wish food in Nigeria can become so cheap that the poor can easily afford them. A time when farmers in rural areas can comfortably sell their products to the consumers in the urban areas.

9. Security: I wish Nigeria will be so secure that it’s citizens do not fill threatened by crime; because crime will be minimally low. Religious extremists coming to love the country and living with a purpose of self-worth.

10. Leaders: I wish Nigerian leaders can lead with example. Taking decisions that can help improve us as a nation. Leaders who are visionary; who can transform this country from it’s state of hopelessness to a state of hopefulness. Leaders who wont be corrupt because others are. Leaders who fear God and respect man.

This is the Nigeria I dream about; I don’t know about you. Yes, we can make this country better. Greatness awaits us; we must grab it now so that our children do not live their lives cursing us and regretting.

Jayamma Abanobi


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