Top Ten Nigerians Most Nigerians Are Not Happy With At The Moment

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It is well known that you cannot please everybody at the same time. Some people will definitely hate you. Knowing this, we are in no position to feel embarrassed and angry when we are hit with the fact that we cannot please everybody at once. However, some Nigerians are at the top of the game; and we are going to be looking at top Nigerians who have been blasted by the majority for actions they did.

10. Odion Ighalo: The Super Eagles forward missed series of opportunities when the Nigerian team faced Argentina in the just concluded world cup held in Russia. When the match ended and Nigeria failed to qualify for the next round, the Nigerian social media sphere was awash with insults hurled at the striker. Most Nigerians blamed him for the loss and it really took a toll on him as his wife later admitted in interviews she granted several weeks later how the situation affected the husband. Ighalo however apologised to Nigeria and he has since been doing well in his Chinese club.

9. Nnamdi Kanu: Nnamdi Kanu surprisingly makes our list. This is because some Nigerians blame him for the death of members of his separatist group IPOB (Indeginous People Of Biafra) how he fled the country after the attempt to arrest him. The foul mouthed activist is no stranger to the Nigerian government who he constantly criticizes while pushing for the actualisation of Biafra; which most Nigerians do not agree with.

8. Bobrisky: The male Barbie as he is often called is a Nigerian cross-dresser; who has taken great joy in dressing like women. This doesn’t go down well for most Nigerians due to the tense religious atmosphere in the country. He is well recognised in social media though but that doesn’t deny the fact that most Nigerians see him as a gay; which at the moment is a crime in Nigeria.

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7. Festus Keyamo: He was a well-respected lawyer when he spoke against the excesses of the Nigerian government but ever since he was injected into the Buhari administration, many are not happy with him. Adding fuel to fire, he is now known to support the various ideas and ideologies of the Buhari government that he once criticised. Well, many Nigerians are not happy with this; hence he is always criticised in social media.

6. Lai Mohammed: The minister of Information has indeed gotten more than he ever bargained for. Most Nigerians associate his name to mean liar and he doesn’t seem to disappoint either. He has uttered statements the Nigerian masses deem to be lies and that has subtly affected his position as a minister.

5. Evans: The notorious kidnapper Evans is a kidnapper with swag. The billionaire kidnapper as he is often called is reputed to have a hand in a series of high profile kidnappings all across the country. His arrest indeed brought celebrations to the family of victims he once held hostage. Most Nigerians want him to be thoroughly dealt with and many are not happy over the atrocities in committed when he reigned in the underworld.

4. Kemi Olunloyo: The daughter of a former serving governor has gotten into the bad records of popular Nigerian celebrities such as Linda Ikeji, Seyilaw, Davido and even clergymen such as Adeboye and Ibiyeomie. She is known to hurl insults at celebrities and this has gotten her into prison twice. Her last shade landed at music star Davido who replied with insults. Nigerians are not happy with her attitude and she is constantly blasted online.

3. Daddy Freeze: The On-Air personality is not in the good books of many Nigerians especially Christians. This is because of his constant blasting of men of God who he sees as swindlers who only enrich themselves. He is a constant campaigner of anti-tithing- A belief that you don’t have to tithe as a Christian. Though Freeze is a Chrisitan, his points and teachings do not go down too well with the Christian community in Nigeria.

2. Father Mbaka: The Catholic cleric is no stranger to Nigerians and his ministry has indeed blessed numbers in their thousands. However, the unapologetic cleric is alleged to be double mouthed and is a constant criticizer of the Nigerian government. What makes his case peculiar, is that he takes sides with politicians which clerics are not encouraged to do. In 2015, he supported the immediate past President Goodluck Jonathan when his wife came to visit his ministry, only to support the incumbent President Buhari even hurling unspeakable words to Jonathan who he supported. Most Nigerians are not happy with him and he is a recipient of constant online insult.

1. President Muhammadu Buhari: Taking our number one spot here at is President Buhari. Taking charge of the country in 2015, with numerous electoral promises backing him, he has not been able to fulfill any; hence the anger towards him. Making matters worse, when he came into power, oil prices dwindled; turning the country into recession; prices skyrocketing to the point that estimations place Nigeria’s poverty as over 60% of the population. Under his administration, Nigeria became the world poverty capital and nothing has been done to change that. Adding to the woes is a fact that President Buhari has not had a press conference addressing the nation. So far, his government has been constantly criticized. The latest on the row is the allegation that he is an impostor who is a clone! Though laughable to the wise, he has not even addressed the issue of the allegation making him a laughing stock to the international community. Most Nigerians are definitely not happy with him.

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