Top Ten Relationship Problems You Cannot Avoid

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Maintaining a relationship in Nigeria is actually a big deal. Though there is no perfect relationship with perfect results; there are indeed frictions and misunderstandings that must come. Handling these misunderstandings in a matured way will help the relationship grow stronger and better.


1. Finance: Many relationships hit the rocks over financial issues. Lack of money, whether it’s because of joblessness or lavish spending, is a big stress factor in relationships. The economic situation of Nigeria which has turned out for the worse in recent years has negatively affected many relationships.

.2. Lack of trust: Staying in a relationship where the partners do not trust each other is prevalent in the Nigerian society. This could be because of actions displayed by the partners. For instance, undue closeness to certain friends of the opposite sex terming them ‘besties’ Lack of trust is the final blow that ends relationships

3. Jealousy and insecurity: Problems like jealousy, possessiveness, anger and insecurity don’t just come when one partner is talented, beautiful, or more popular than the other; they can actually be inherent in a person and its obviously destructive.

4. Physical abuse: It’s quite common for couples to the argument here and there. But when that turns into a physical assault, the problem will worsen.

It’s important that emotions are controlled during arguments and physical abuse is never tolerated.

5. Cheating:A lot of couples break up when one of them has been unfaithful. Men and women cheat on their partner for a number of reasons, for example, when they are not satisfied in their relationship or because they are not loyal enough to their partners. Whatever the reason, never cheat in a relationship.

6. Miscommunication: When thoughts, feeling, and opinions are not communicated properly or when they are misunderstood by the other person, there will be problems.

The best way to avoid this type of problem is to be more expressive and seek or provide clarification when something seems to be misunderstood.

7. Lack of unity: When decisions are to be taken; there must be a mutual agreement. For instance, in deciding how many kids do to have.

8. Poor time management: Spend all your time in the office and never make time for your partner?
Everyone has the right to expect to spend quality time with their loved one, at least during the weekend. When that’s not fulfilled, problems must surely come.

9. Intimacy: When one person shows a lack of interest in sex, the other person starts feeling dejected.

10. Religion: A big reason for problems between couples, is one person trying to change the other; this is manifest when the two are in various religions and with the religious atmosphere in Nigeria, one member feels his/her religion should be respected more and thereafter.

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