Young Man Proposes To Girlfriend With 16 Dogs! (Photos)

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You guessed right. This is not a Nigerian story; but its worth reading. A handsome man has exploited his ingenuity to come up with a perfect way to propose to his girlfriend. Maurice Goldstein knew his girfriend Laura Stampler loved dogs and he used this knowledge to make the proposal worthwhile and pretty historic.

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“It was all incredibly meaningful,” Stampler, 30, told Elite Daily, explaining her love for dogs had helped influence a book she had written, and that Goldstein, 31, also holds his family’s German shepherd named Scout close to his heart.

Captioning a video of the romantic proposal that Stampler shared on Facebook, she wrote that while she initially thought the pair would just be going on a simple “hike through Runyon Canyon,” as soon as she saw a cascade of rose petals on the ground, she “knew it was more.”

From there, Stampler was treated to an a cappella choir serenading the couple with “Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid, and after she said yes, a pack of 16 dogs was unleashed upon the happy couple.

“I can’t imagine anything more magical. I love you, Maurice. For this and so, so much more,” she added alongside the video.

Adding sauce to the moment, Stampler’s best friend, Rebecca Yale, whose Instagram account is filled with beautiful wedding photography, was present to document every moment of the sweet surprise.
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