10 Disturbing Stories Of People Who Attended Their Own Burial

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10 Disturbing Stories Of People Who Attended Their Own Funerals Alive

Funerals are observed to pay our last respects to the dead. It is always a time of great grief and sorry as fond memories of the deceased come back to life. It is uncommon when we hear of funerals organized for people thought to be dead, who are actually living! factboyz brings to you this weird list. Enjoy!

1. Timothy Dexter

Photo credit: John H. Bufford

Back in the 18th-century, a millionaire by name Timothy Dexter wanted to know what people really thought about him. He sent out a notice, which claimed he had died, and his family invited people to his funeral.

About 3,000 people attended the fake ceremony. A man, who Dexter had hired to pose as a priest, read a long eulogy, which Dexter had written. After he finished speaking, the coffin was carried to the garden and buried. A feast followed almost immediately, but was interrupted by a noise in the kitchen. The guests opened the door and saw Dexter beating his wife. He was angry because he thought that she had not cried enough during the service. So much for love!

2. Gilberto Araujo

Photo credit: YouTube

In 2012, Jose Marcos received a phone call from the police. He was told that his brother, Gilberto Araujo, had been killed, and his body was in the morgue. Marcos had to go to the police station and identify his brother’s body. He confirmed that the dead man was Araujo.

Araujo’s family planned a funeral for the dead man. As the mourners gathered to grieve, the real Araujo showed up at the front door. This greatly terrified the guests as some people fainted, while others fled in panic. Araujo assured his loved ones that he was alive, and he offered to let them pinch him to prove it.

Araujo informed his family that he had recently learned of the mistake from an acquaintance, who told him that his family was preparing his funeral. He tried to call and tell them he was alive, but they never took the call serious, thinking it was a prank.

The family returned the body to the police, who discovered the corpse’s true identity: Genivaldo Santos Gama, a man who closely resembled Araujo.

3. Felix ‘Bush’ Breazeale

Photo credit: Knoxville News Sentinel

Felix Breazeale spent a whooping five years planning his own funeral. He had neither married nor did he have many friends, and he was eager to hear what the preacher had to say about him. His bizarre funeral in 1938 gained national attention, and 8,000 people attended.

Breazeale arrived his supposed funeral and sat in a chair next to his self-made coffin, and he listened to the preacher give a eulogy.

Hundreds of people approached him after the ceremony. Breazeale shook their hands, and he signed autographs. He was pleased with the service, and he said that it was the nicest that he had attended. Breazeale died five years later in 1943. As he requested, no funeral was given.

4. Kong Channeang

Kong Channeang suffered from a mental illness. As widely practiced in Cambodia, he was normally chained; but in 2014 he managed to slip out of his chain; prompting a search for him.

A decomposing body was spotted in a nearby river, few days later. His family believing that the body was Kong’s, quickly arranged a funeral for him. Preparing for a cremation. However, were stunned when Kong showed up.
Mourners were terrified at Kong’s appearance, and most of them ran away. They were afraid that they were being haunted by a ghost. Kong’s father was among those who fled, but he stopped when Kong yelled for him. He walked up to his son, grabbed his hand, and told the family that his son was no ghost.

5. Zeng Jia

Photo credit: Rex Features

In 2013, after attending her grandfather’s funeral, Zeng Jia decided to have a funeral of her own. Zeng scheduled a ceremony at a funeral home and invited her friends and family. She bought flowers, rented a coffin, and hired a photographer. She even hired makeup artists to make her look like a corpse. Then she lay in a coffin while holding her favorite Hello Kitty doll.

Zeng closed her eyes and listened to her friends and family eulogize her. They said what they thought about her, and Zeng believed that their speeches helped give her a better understanding of herself and how she was seen by others.

Zeng spent an hour in the coffin, and she kept her eyes closed throughout the ceremony. Zeng got all emotional claiming the experience made her value her life more.

6. Frederick Ward

Photo credit: The Independent

Frederick was a 19th-century outlaw, who was also called the “gentleman bushranger.” He was known not to be violent; and he was always polite to his victims. Ward spent six years stealing from properties and holding up mail coaches. He actually gave away a lot of the money that he stole.

On a fateful day in 1870, Ward was approached by a constable, whom he shot and fled. He tried to escape on his horse. However, the animal was exhausted after riding hard for nearly 3200 kilometers (2 mi). Ward was out of bullets, and he was shot by the constable.

Ward’s descendants however doubt that the dead man was Frederick, as the bushranger had never shot at the police before. They believe that the deceased man was Frederick’s uncle, Harry Ward.

However, Frederick Ward’s funeral went ahead. It was attended by a woman dressed in black, whose face was hidden by a veil. She walked with a manly gait. His family believes that it was Ward, who had come to pay final respects to his uncle before he fled the country.

7. Zhang Deyang

Photo credit: Photoshot

Zhang Deyang never married or had children, and he worried about his afterlife. In Chinese culture, the dead are believed to have the same needs as the living. Families are expected to arrange for the funerals and pay regular visits to the deceased’s grave. Zhang worried that no one would take care of him in his afterlife after he died.

In 2016, he decided to organize a mock funeral, and he invited his friends and family. About 40 of his loved ones attended, along with several hundreds of curious people from nearby villages. Zhang was delighted with his own fake funeral ceremony.

8. Dragan And Dragica Maric

Photo credit: novosti.rs

Dragan and Dragica Maric arranged their premature funeral in 2016. The couple had no children, and they wanted to organize a proper funeral for themselves before they died. The Marics were poised to ensure no one paid for their funerals.
The couple bought and raised their own tombstones, and then they sent out invitations to their funeral. Around 200 people showed up. Dragan gave a speech about the couple’s love-filled life, and the pair told their loved ones goodbye.

After the ceremony, the guests went to a traditional post-burial dinner in a local restaurant. The Marics had hired a band, and they bought their guests food and drink. The feast turned into an all-night celebration with music.

The Marics considered their funeral to be a success. Now patiently waiting for death to take them away, knowing fully well that nobody would worry about their funeral.

9. Ademir Jorge Goncalves

Ademir Goncalves was a Brazilian bricklayer who had no idea of how he died; It all started after a 2009 car crash. Several of Ademir Goncalves’s relatives identified him as the victim of the car crash. The corpse was badly disfigured, but its clothing was similar to what Goncalves had been wearing. His family began preparing the funeral, which was to take place the next day.

Goncalves’s body was placed in a casket. The family walked by to pay their respects to the deceased man. Goncalves’s mother looked at the coffin for a long time. She could not believe the body belonged to her son.

She was right; the corpse was not his. Her son had spent the night at a truck stop talking with friends over drinks. He had no idea that his family thought he was dead. Goncalves didn’t hear about his funeral until it was taking place. He rushed to it and told his relatives that he was alive. His unexpected arrival terrified his family, and some of them tried to jump out a window. Just take a break and imagine the hilarious scenario!

10. Noela Rukundo

Photo credit: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Australian Noela Rukundo traveled back to her home country, Burundi, to attend her stepmother’s funeral. She returned to her hotel room early and dozed off. She was awakened by a call from her husband, Balenga Kalala. Rukundo said that she wasn’t feeling well, and he told her to go outside and get some fresh air.

Rukundo took his advice. She stepped outside the hotel compound, and she saw a man walking toward her. He pulled a gun on her and threatened to kill her. The gunman forced her into a car in which two other men were waiting.

They drove her to a building and tied her to a chair. They asked her why her husband wanted to kill her, and she didn’t beleive them. One of them called her husband and told him that they had her. She heard her husband’s voice over the phone: “Kill her.” She was shocked!

They began discussing how they would dispose of her body, and Rukundo fainted. She came to as they ended their call. The kidnapper looked at her and said that he would not kill her, as they did not kill women and children. The gunmen freed her two days later and gave her a memory card containing recorded phone conversations with her husband.

She returned to Australia three days later. Her husband had informed the community that his wife had died in a tragic accident, and he had planned a funeral for her. She approached her husband when the ceremony was nearly over. He was terrified, and he slowly walked to her. When he reached her, he touched her shoulder and jumped. He started screaming: “I’m sorry for everything.”

She called the police. Her husband made a full confession. He said that he wanted to kill her because he thought that she wanted to leave him for another man—which she denied. He was sentenced to nine years in prison! What a husband!

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