10 Outrageous Things You Will Only See In Dubai

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Dubai is a city full of pleasant surprises that will definitely leave you stunned and amazed. Factboyz presents to you really unique things that are just peculiar to this great city. Sit back and relax as we bring to you, ten outrageous things you can see in no other place but in Dubai.

1. Exotic Animals in the Front Seat:

In the US, it is quite normal to see a dog sitting in the front seat of a moving vehicle and Aw! how beautiful a sight it is! We absolutely feel nothing wrong about it and we just feel normal about it. In Dubai, it is something far more different; the rich in Dubai often try to show their privileged status by riding in their expensive cars with pet lions, cheetahs or tigers. Sights like this will definitely scare the heck out of us, but calm down these animals are well trained and you won’t get mauled or killed by them.

2. Private Celebrity Performance and Entertainment:

From a private concert starring prince (RIP) to a 5 million dollars performance by Madonna, for an undisclosed anonymous fan; the super-rich in Dubai definitely know how to spend money flying celebrities to entertain them privately. Back in 2011, Sheikh Mansour shamed every other parent in the world when he flew in Jay Z and Kanye West to perform at his niece’s sweet sixteen birthday party. Most kids here in Nigeria will just get a cake baked for them, and if they are lucky enough; they get to spend big shopping. The Sheikh actually dropped a whooping six million dollars to have Jay Z and Kanye West at the party which puts most other parties in the world to shame.

3. Gold ATM Machines:

Have you ever gotten all dressed up for an event only to discover that you forgot to put on your gold jewelry? Well, you might decide to either forget about it or go back home to get it; However if you live in Dubai that’s definitely not a problem, all you need to do is to stop by the GOLD TO GO ATM and buy yourself some new gold jewelry. These crazy machines dispense more than just gold jewellery’ You can also get gold coins or even gold bars. These machines are only found in Dubai for now.

4. Supercar Paradise:

Its only in Dubai that you will see cars you will never see any other place in the world, and they are everywhere in Dubai. Normally, the delivery cars we see are old cars that really don’t make much meaning to us, because they are normal everyday cars; in Dubai, it’s a whole new different story as you could order for a McDonalds and see a Ferrari pull up in front of your house. It also applies to their police cars that are also exotic.

5. The Largest Man-Made Islands In the World:

Forget about the artificial Islands in Lekki and let these Islands take your breath away. If you are flying to Dubai, ensure you have a window seat because if you do, you will be able to see some of the most interesting and amazing features in the water below. In Dubai, there are many islands that are beautifully formed into different shapes. Some look like a large palm, some like the earth and constructions are ongoing to create one that would look like the Milky Way!

6. Indoor Ski Resorts:

If you live in some areas of the world, you could take out time to visit resorts and ski outdoors. In Dubai, things are a little bit different. Due to the fact that Dubai is a hot city, ski resorts have to be built indoors! If you visit the Mall of Emirates in Dubai you can go skiing there. In Dubai’s skiing resort, you will find amazing indoor slopes and live penguins to give you a totally fun experience. The indoor temperature is kept at -4 degrees, which will make you easily forget you are in the middle of a large desert.

7. Skyscraper Tennis Courts:

If you are a tennis player, and you want to play tennis in Dubai, you could play at the Burj Al Arab tennis court high up the 7-star hotel. While playing ensure you hit the ball a softly, because if you hit it hard the ball will definitely be lost forever. Amidst the euphoria of playing above a thousand feet; they could be spending millions of dollars to get the chance to play.

8. The Tallest Building in the World:

The Burj Khalifa with it’s tower like superstructure is an amazing building with respect to extreme architecture standards. Standing at over 2700 feet tall, it’s about 600 feet taller than the next tallest structure in the world. The main aim of this building is purely based on tourism and the attraction of commercial interests from all over the world. There are over 163 floors in the building complete with nightclubs, swimming pools and it’s also the location of the Armani hotel. There are cooperate offices and luxury apartments too. This building will definitely get your attention when you visit Dubai.

9. Temperature Controlled Indoor City:

This is one of the most outrageous things you will ever see in Dubai. This city houses the tallest building in the world and man-made islands, and now Dubai is set to build the first indoor city with controlled temperature. The official name of the city is the “mall of the world” and it’s going to be the largest shopping and entertainment centre in the world. The structure will be 48 million square feet that will include a covered amusement park, hotels, apartments, and complexes. All the buildings will be connected by air-conditioned walkways and close to five miles of covered temperature controlled streets. When completed, it will be large enough for millions of visitors. The most interesting part is that you enjoy Dubai without sweating in the hot city.

10. Golden Toilets and Money Toilet Paper:

Everything in Dubai shimmers in gold and that includes the toilets. It is not uncommon to work into a house or restaurant or night club in Dubai and see a gold-plated toilet! These toilets are definitely amazing that most billionaires will be jealous. What sense will a golden toilet make, without a 20 dollar toilet paper bill? The toilet paper is not actually made out of real dollar notes though; the bills are fake but we must admire the impressive invention!

Hope you enjoyed our list? Come back again for more! FACTBOYZ

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