10 Things Billionaires Can’t Buy

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10 Things Billionaires Can’t Buy

By Jayamma Abanobi
It is the passionate dream of everyone to be rich and highly successful. It all channels down to one thing- Money. Money can buy houses, private jets, stadiums, football clubs, and even islands. The billionaires of our beloved planet earth are not shy spenders of money and we all dream to be like them. However, factboyz.com brings you some other things money can’t necessarily buy. Enjoy the list.

1. True Love and Care:

Everyone needs love. However, it is often difficult to differentiate between true love and false love. We have heard of stories of billionaires who get divorced because of lack of love. If they could buy back love with their billions; Of course they would. Unfortunately, it’s not possible. Many billionaires are not so well pleased when they are just loved because of their money; they crave for true love that manifests itself no matter the situation.

2. Good Health:

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Health is wealth as it is often said. When you are in good health; irrespective of your bank balance you are wealthy. Life is wealth! If billionaires could buy good health, they will certainly live forever; always forever young. Unfortunately, killer diseases such as Cancer, Parkinson disease and a host of others are poised to ensure money can’t buy them!

3. A Good Night’s Sleep:

Probably, you never gave it a thought when you slept well last night; but in the real sense, some couldn’t. Among these people that couldn’t sleep are billionaires with so much money in their Swiss banks. Money can buy sleeping pills, not natural sleep.

4. Happiness:

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It doesn’t cost a dime to be happy. However, money can’t buy happiness. The state of being happy and contended is not synonymous with the acquisition and possession of Gucci bags, Lamborghini and expensive watches. If you think money can make you happy, think again!

5. Well Behaved Kids:

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It is such a glorious sight for parents when they see their kids behave well with good respectful manners. The sight of wayward disrespectful children can be heartbreaking and money cannot but well-mannered kids.

6. Youthfulness:

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You might have heard about the mythical fountain of youth’ wherein lies the power to turn any old man to a youth. Well that’s fiction, but if there were, it would be expensive and only accessible to the rich; youthfulness cannot be attained again, even with billions. Well, until there’s a scientific breakthrough!

7. Justice:

Surprisingly, justice makes an appearance in our list. Indeed in some countries, justice can be bought. However, in the general sense, it is not easy to buy justice. We know of billionaires who are rotting in jail. If they could, they would have bought the justice system that judged them.

8. 25 Hour Day:

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Obviously, this is not possible. Getting an extra hour just for yourself to enjoy. The world and cosmic systems are structured with a 24 hour per day system that cannot be changed even with a zillion dollars. That would be practically impossible. Unless someone hacks the world clock with its time zones!

9. Luck:

Luck can never be bought with money. In fact, being lucky is based on Luck! We often hear of billionaires who lose billions when gambling; simply because luck was not on their side. If they could buy Luck, they would!

10. Manners:

Some billionaires lack manners and good rapport with their workers and employees. A good number of them are abusive and disrespectful. Some can be nice and respectful too, but manners cannot be bought with money. Its either you have good manners, or you don’t.

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