Top 10 Dangerous Situations And How To Escape

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Here at Factboyz, we are very concerned about the safety of our readers and we have decided to compile this list to help our viewers escape dangerous situations they could find themselves in perhaps in the future. We definitely do not pray for that, but what’s wrong being informed about what you should do in time of need? Hope this information makes sense to you. Do SHARE if it does.

1. Dog Attack:

Its indeed “horrorful” when you get attacked by a dog; especially a very ferocious one. A good option is to go for the nose. If you can’t get to the nose then kick and kick hard. The dog is almost certainly faster than you so your best bet is to fight it out; avoid running, it could cost you your nice looking pair of legs.

2. Buried Alive:

This is definitely awful. However, the other 9 are also; but being buried alive just sounds no fun at all. We are talking the buried alive in a coffin! or something relating to that. Now here is what you should do. Try not to panic -Easier said than done. Cover your face with your shirt to keep dirt from getting in your nose and mouth. Put your arms and feet up and push on the casket with your legs. You do not have a lot of oxygen so push really hard. Hopefully you are dealing with a wood casket so a crack is all you need. Dirt will drop down on you, so then push it to the other end of the casket then use your hands to dig up to the top. Hopefully they did not bury you too deeply!

3. Stampeding Crowd:

Here in Nigeria, where political rallies are common, it is not strange to see a large group of people standing and listening to a politician’s speech. Now what happens if you’re in there and a stampede occurs?

Stay on your feet and remain there. This is the key to survival. As soon as you get knocked down your chances of standing up again decreases significantly. If this is the case, however, and you can’t get up immediately, assume a protective posture with your feet tucked up and your hands covering your head. Try to position your face in the direction the crowd is moving so you don’t get kicked and try to get back on your feet.

4. In A Lightening Storm:

Though lightening storms in sight are beautiful and natural it can also be really dangerous. The first thing you should do urgently is to get inside; this can either be in a building or a car. If you can not do that, then when you are in a lightning storm, one that is really nearby, you want to squat down as low as you possibly can without your body actually touching the ground. You should cover your ears if you are right in the midst of these situation, as thunders have been known to rupture people’s eardrums at really close proximity.

5. Burning Building:

When a building is on fire, it is usually the smoke that kills people, not the fire. When in such situation, you should stay low because of the rise of superheated gases. Stay near a wall and follow it until you find an exit. No matter what you do, don’t breathe the gas, as it can lead to death. If you feel yourself losing consciousness though, lie as flat as possible on the ground against a wall. This will make it easier for firefighters to find you.

6. Caught In A Shootout:

We do hope that you, or anyone that you care about, is not caught in a crossfire anytime soon, but this is actual definition of being caught in crossfire-the person is not actually trying to shoot at you. So thats an advantage already. First you don’t have to panic and run blindly shouting up and down, try and take cover as soon as possible; lay down on the ground with your hands over your head. Don’t stand with your hands over your head, this will not help a lot with the whole crossfire thing. Once down on the ground you easily get a chance to crawl to safety.7. Choking On Food:

You do not have to run to the bathroom! If you are in public, stay in public. Yes, we know, its embarrassing, but your life first, then dignity next. If there is no one around you need to do the heimlich maneuver on yourself. This means slamming your stomach against a solid object like a chair…hard! The aim of this is to get the air in your stomach to compress and force the object out of your throat. If you only compress half-way then some air may escape with the food still in there. This would make consecutive attempts much more difficult.

8. Drove Into A Water Body:

It is unfortunate to drive your car, plunging into a body of water; say a lake. However, if this situation occurs, know that you have less than 90 seconds remaining before the car is filled with water. Unfortunately as soon as the bottom edge of your door is submerged it becomes impossible to open so start rolling down your windows (you’ll still have power for up to 45 seconds after hitting the water) and getting out of your seatbelt! If you can’t open the windows then try to kick them out with your feet.

9. Held Hostage:

Nobody wants to be in this situation. Being taken hostage is always a tough one to get out of. If you are going to try and escape do it as soon as you possibly can. Usually the first few minutes are the best, and only time to do so. Even then it is very risky, the best bet is usually remaining compliant and hoping you will be rescued or that an opportunity will come up later. Do not lose hope and stay mentally active. Try and always think about moments that you might be able to escape in a relatively risk free manner, but if that time does not come, do not take risks.. Most hostages do get out alive, so having patience and not panicking is the key.

10. Massive Wave:

The best option is to try to swim over the wave before it breaks. If this is not possible though then you need to extend your arms and legs away from yourself to spread the impact and keep yourself from being thrust deep into the water. Take a deep breath and wait until the turbulence subsides. You’ll get tossed around but try to stay oriented and don’t panic. Get back to the surface quickly, breathe, and reassess the situation because you may have to repeat.

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