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Top 5 Rare Values Most Nigerian Ladies Are Gradually Losing

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Here at factboyz, we are very committed to facts; and we’ve compiled one for your consumption and consideration. It is a known fact that Nigeria is blessed beyond measure with citizens who value tradition and culture. It is interesting to note that the traditions and culture we once valued as Nigerians no longer count any longer as there is an inordinate desire to emulate European and American counterparts who are not even keen to emulate us. However, factboyz brings to you 10 values most Nigerian ladies if not all, have lost. we will still write about the men, so don’t feel feminist.

1. Dressing:

In the Nigerian culture, modesty is key to the way you will be addressed. If you dress without covering the contours and breasts properly, you will be addressed in a sexually provocative way. It is sad that most Nigerian ladies no longer dress modestly as they are keen to be noticed by men. Yes, attention matters, but you must get attention from the right man, not from the wrong one who might one to sexually objectify you. Most Nigerian mothers no longer teach their daughters how to dress, hence a generation of rugged indecency is gradually growing which shouldn’t be. Celebrities have helped to spread the strange fire, which is passionately affecting our ladies negatively.

2. Respect:

Well before we delve in, I must commend the way Nigerian ladies respect elders, but the percentage is actually dropping as the years roll by. Well, we can blame it to the abusive nature of some men, or perhaps the lack of proper training by mums to their daughters. Also, the value of showing respect to elders is also being lost. However, the fact remains that respect is reciprocal you respect when it’s worth it; but the numbers keep dropping as the society is changing.

3. Managing a Home:

Having a house does not necessarily mean having a home. Home management is the process of properly maintaining a home and property and overseeing necessary household activities. Much like operating a business,managing a home requires skills such as planning, organizing, budgeting and directing. As the society now demands the attention of both husband and wife, it is hard for a lady to have direct influence on the life of the kids by training them well. Leaving the realms of marriage to the realms of spinsterhood, it is expedient that every lady should acquire skills needed to successfully run a home properly. Showing unending love and care to the husband, training the kids the right way according to religious and moral standards, and managing the welfare of the family. Let’s not throw all our weights into the feminism move, men should help out in cooking too.

4. Sitting Culture:

There was a time when women couldn’t sit anyhow. Back then, it showed a sign of carelessness to the part of the woman and it wasn’t a good sign back then. Now, however ladies sit anyhow and don’t give a dot what you think about it. I think its because of the fact that ladies now put on trousers and minimal emphasis is made to it, but good sitting culture is a tradition fast losing its stand.

5. Pride of Virginity:

Everyone cannot boast of being a virgin before marriage; thats a fact. However, you must not feel less important if you lost yours before marriage, go pursue your dreams and be the best you can be!
Virginity was once greatly valued, but because of the decaying culture around us, championed by Europeans and Americans; its value has been technically devalued. I used technically because most people (men and women) want to marry virgins, so even if the number of non-virgins before marriage keep increasing, the value is too. The value of keeping oneself before marriage is almost lost to the past.
Finally, lets live to be proud of our heritage and culture. Lets value what we have and think less of what we don’t have.

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Bryanna Ovens

Good job on this article! I really like how you presented your facts and how you made it interesting and easy to understand. Thank you.

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