10 Countries That Are Number 1 For Terrible Things

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Countries all over the world, are known for one thing or the other but one thing that always stands out among the rest are countries that are known not for good things but for bad things! Below is a list by Factboyz listing countries that are known for bad things; sit back and relax and pray your country doesn’t make the list! Lol.

1. Germany (Most Prostitutes in Europe)

As we all know, Germany was number one in football in 2014 when the Euopean nation won the world cup. However, Germany has retained its spot as the number one country with the highest number of prostitutes in Europe. By some estimates, Germany has as many as 300,000 sex workers, with more than half of them foreign-born from other countries. Ever since it legalized prostitution in 2002, it has been an immoral boom in the country. As expected a good number of these foreigners were victims of Human trafficking with promises to work abroad.


2. Austria (Most Smokers)

Smoking is not a habit you would wish anyone to have, However, Austria seems not to care. It holds the record for the highest population of smokers. These make up to about 36% of the population which is actually huge. An estimated 60 percent of the 20–50 age group—some 2.5 million people—admitted to smoking regularly or semi-regularly in 2010. And things don’t seem to be improving much—41 percent of the 15–20 age group are also regular smokers, while a further 8 percent admitted to sneaking the occasional cigarette.

3. Somalia (Most Child Soldiers)

All over the world the use of child soldiers is heavily condemned and criticized, However its still a problem worldwide; with Somalia taking the lead. Militant Islamist groups in Somalia are known to recruit children as young as 10 to use as cannon fodder in their fight against government forces. The deadly group Al Shabab are the worst offenders, known for carrying trucks full of teenagers recruited to fight and cause mayhem. One survivor claimed that out of 100 of his classmates, 98 had been killed almost immediately when Al-Shabab sent them into battle. “The children were cleaned off. The children all died and the bigger soldiers ran away.”

4. Bangladesh (Highest Human Trafficking Rate)

In Bangladesh, it is estimated that about 50,000 women and children are taken abroad each year.  Tens of thousands are believed to have been trafficked abroad for labor in India or the Middle East. It is unknown how many people have been forced into servitude within Bangladesh itself. The traffickers target vulnerable young women with promises of a better life abroad. While the situation has improved, law enforcement was long unwilling or unable to deal with the problem. Between 1999 and 2004, only 53 traffickers were tried in Bangladeshi courts. Just 21 were convicted.

5. Nigeria (World Poverty Capital)

In June 2018, the Brookings Institution projected that Nigeria had overtaken India, as the poverty capital of the world, with 86.9 million extremely poor people. This was further confirmed by the British Prime Minister Theresa May, who said Nigeria had become home to the largest number of very poor people in the world, putting the figures at a whooping 87 million. This might not be unconnected from the fact that since the new government took over in 2015, things have not gone too well for the West African Country due to lack of efficient Economy management.

6. South Korea (Most Cosmetic Surgery)

If you want to see human beings that really look like beautiful dolls, then take a flight to South Korea. Plastic Surgery is an everyday activity in this Asian country.  An estimated one out of every five South Korean women has had some cosmetic work, four times higher than the rate among American women. The country’s plastic surgeons have developed an international reputation—around 7.5 million people have traveled to Seoul to have work done, including many members of the Korean diaspora.

7. Belarus (Heaviest Drinkers)

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average Belarusian consumes 17.5 liters (3.9 gal) of pure alcohol every year, almost three times the global average of 6.2 liters (1.4 gal). If that doesn’t sound bad enough, the average Belarusian male consumes 27.5 liters (6 gal) per year! Though the Belarusian government has disputed the WHO reports; the government itself has faced massive criticism when it showed that the lower average they provided countering WHO included young children and newborn infants, who tend not to be heavy drinkers. As expected, the government has instituted a strong anti-alcohol program, including heavy fines for drunk driving and a ban on homemade fruit wines.

8. Chad (Lowest Life Expectancy)

The African country of Chad has an astonishing low life expectancy of only 49 years.  In other words, Chad is officially the worst country to be born in. The country is riddled with high rate of acute malnutrition which is the largest factor in the country’s shockingly short average lifespan—as a desert nation, Chad is extremely susceptible to drought and other natural disasters.

9. South Sudan (Lowest Literacy Rate)

According to United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO. South Sudan is has one of the highest rates of illiteracy in the world. UNESCO country representative Shadar Umar says the number of illiterate people above 15 years is more than 70 percent of the population.

“It shows that majority of the country literacy rate is at the lowest level,” Mr Umar said.

He said collective effort is needed to reduce the number.

“There are two main issues; one is the issue of access, equity and quality and putting the three together and the second is the issue of resources when it comes to financing of literacy,” he added.

10. United States (Highest Rape Cases)

The super power of the world is at the first position in the race of rapes. Males are majorly the rapist holding a proportion of 99%. Out of all the victims, 91% are females while 9% are males. The U.S Bureau of Justice Statistics states that 91% of rape victims are female and 9% are male, and nearly 99% of rapists are male. According to the National Violence Against Women Survey, 1 in 6 U.S. women and 1 in 33 U.S. men has experienced an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. More than a quarter of college-age women report having experienced a rape or rape attempt since age 14. Out of all, only 16% of the total cases are reported. Outdoor rape is not common in USA rather most of the rape cases takes place inside homes.

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