Top 10 Things You Should Never Sacrifice For A Relationship

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Love is always something strong that keep relationships, and make them last long. However, there are some things that shouldn’t be sacrificed for a relationship. Factboyz brings to you just 10 of them.

1. Personality:

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This is who you are. This is your identity as a person and without this, you are living someone else’s life. Your personality should never be traded for a relationship; else you will find yourself acting a script that will soon expire!

2. Dreams:

It is no longer something strange for people to sacrifice dreams to keep someone. The value they so much place on that person takes first place and hence, they sacrifice their dreams just to keep someone. This is totally wrong as your dreams are the underlying factor for achieving your goals. Rather than sacrificing your dreams, it is better to let the person go. It is not easy to see someone you love go just like that.

3. Beliefs:

Belief could come in two ways spiritual belief and an ideology. Believing in something shouldn’t compromise your relationship. If your partner questions your beliefs or tries to make you give up your belief, it might be time to re-assess the relationship and evaluate their place in your life

4. Happiness:

Your partner is designed by the sculptor to enhance happiness and joy in your life; it was never designed to go the opposite way. It doesn’t mean your partner will always be happy or joyful all the time, but if they keep hurting you intentionally, it might be time to just let them go.

5. Freedom:

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To keep a healthy relationship, enough freedom must be allowed so that you both can explore life together and alone as well. If your partner becomes jealous whenever you are hanging out with friends or family; it is advised you talk to them and make them have a rethink; if they don’t, you should consider leaving.

6. Friends and family:

For a successful thriving relationship, it is important that friends and family be carried along and not abandoned. You can decide with your partner to pay a visit to your family in another town, buying gifts for them and building a mutual long lasting friendship. Don’t abandon friends and family who saw you through thick and thin for a partner. Chances are that if your relationship hits the rock, you will have no one else to turn to but the same family and friends who you abandoned.

7. Your Self-Respect:

It is expected that your partner respects you even as you respect yourself. Never let anyone disrespect you to the point that you disrespect yourself. Your partner should always treat you with decency and respect. Dump a relationship where you are always called ugly, unprintable names.

8. Your ability to make decisions:

Never let your partner control you to the point that you cannot take a decision on your own and think for yourself. It is not good to be completely dependent on someone in a relationship to the point that you cannot make decisions on your own.

9. Your peace:

No matter what happens, do not let anyone destroy your inner peace. Be with someone who lets you have your time and peace and does not create chaos in your life all the time.

10. Your Feelings:

Nobody wants to be with someone who has no regard for their feelings. Mutual understanding is the first thing that is supposed to be there for a relationship to work. Don’t be with someone who has no regard for how you feel or how their actions make you feel.

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