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Check Out The Most Expensive Penthouse In Singapore (Real Pics Not Movies) Just Purchased By Billionaire

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British billionaire James Dyson has just purchased luxury penthouse located in a high brow area of the Asian country; Singapore.

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The penthouse apartment is reputed to be most expensive penthouse in the country, gulping a whooping, irreversible
£43.5million (19.5 billion naira)

The Wallich Residence super
penthouse is located at the top of
the Guoco Tower, which became
Singapore’s highest when it was
completed back in 2016.

It has thrèe floors, contains five bedrooms, and exclusively features a rooftop swimming pool and Jacuzzi room.
With 21,000sq ft of living space, it is also Singapore’s largest raised apartment. While photos show an interior decked out with marble floors, a walk-in wardrobe big enough to hang a chandelier in, and a grand piano – the listing says a team of specialist designers and
architects stand ever prepared ready to customise it however the buyer wishes.

James Dyson, the man behind the money, has an undeniable access to the facilities and services at the five-star Sofitel Singapore City Centre, which is
located in the same building.

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