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Kanye West Bans Daughter From Makeup

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American celebrity, Kim Kardashian has revealed that her husband Kanye West has banned their six year old daughter North from wearing make-up and crop tops after he became a ‘born again’ Christian.

Kanye West just released a new album called Jesus is King ruled that his eldest child can’t use cosmetics until she becomes a teenager.

Speaking to E! News at the debut of her KKW Beauty at an Ulta Beauty store in New York on Thursday, Kim Kardashian stated that “North is trying to get in on the makeup, but she’s being blocked heavily because her dad has stopped all makeup for her until she is a teenager.

She also admitted that his new conservative views are causing tension in their household, but added that it is what’s best for her family.

‘It’s a big discussion, a big fight in the household right now but it is what’s best.

‘I think as a parent you just learn and figure it out as you go and we realized we didn’t really want her to wear makeup at a young age.

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