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Temi Otedola Surprises Boo With A ‘Surprise Gift’ As They Vacation In Greece

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The fashion blogger and daughter of billionaire Femi Otedola has taken to her Instagram page on Monday, October 28, 2019, where she shared a post about the surprise gift she gave her boyfriend and music star, Mr Eazi.

“On our second date ever (17th February 2017) you made me watch youtube videos of Andrea Bocelli singing for like 2 hours lol and said if you could see anyone live in concert it would be him. Well, almost 3 years later I managed to surprise you with tickets to his show. 🖤,” she wrote.

Mr Eazi, replied by professing how much he loved her saying,

Haha, I remember I was so sick about to go on tour & I played Andrea nonstop!! Lol!! Thank You so much, my love! For an unforgettable experience!!! U don finish me!! 😍😍,

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