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10 Killed In Burkina Faso Jihadist Attack

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In Northern Burkina Faso, near its border with Mali; at least five gendarmes and five civilians were killed in an attack on a base according security sources.

“Many dozens of armed individuals carried out an attack on a gendarmerie post in Oursi in the early hours of Monday morning,” a security source told AFP.

“After several hours of gunfire, the attackers managed to get into the camp. Unfortunately, we lost five gendarmes.”

Five civilians, who worked for a private company, were also killed in the assault, another source said.

Reinforcements sent to the post, in Oudalan Province, found it severely damaged.

The country’s northern provinces have been battling a four-year-old wave of jihadist violence that came from neighbouring Mali.

The attacks — typically hit-and-run raids on villages, road mines and suicide bombings — have claimed more than 630 lives nationally, according to an AFP toll. Nearly 500,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

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