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13 Year Old Boy Walked 23km To Get Help For Victims After Mexican Cartel Attack

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A 13-year-old survivor of the attack by suspected Mexican drug cartel gunmen on a convoy of US Mormons hid six siblings in bushes before walking 23km (14 miles) to get help, his family said.

After his mother and two brothers were shot to death, 13-year-old Devin Langford was able to hide six other siblings in nearby bushes, covering them with branches. He then walked 14 miles for help. His 9-year-old sister, McKenzie, was grazed in the arm. She walked for four hours in the dark before finally finding rescuers.

It is reported that eight children survived Monday’s attack in northern Mexico in which three women and six children were killed.

Five of the children have bullet wounds, US media report.

The victims are members of the LeBaron family, linked to a Mormon community that settled in Mexico decades ago.

Mexico’s security minister said the group could have been targeted accidentally as a result of mistaken identity.

However family members do not agree with him as affirmed that the community is known for speaking out about cartel violence, had received threats in the past.

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