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Top 10 Most Developed Country in Africa 2019

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Firstly, we have to define what a developed country is

A developed country is defined as a sovereign state that has a developed economy and technologically advanced infrastructure when compared to other nations.

A lot of factors help determine whether a country is developed or not, and these factors include; Human Development Index, political stability, gross domestic product (GDP), industrialization and freedom.

The Human Development Index was developed by the United Nations to measure human development in a country. Human Development Index looks into various areas of life which include; education, health and life expectancy.

Human Development Index is set on a scale from 0 to 1 and most developed countries have a score above .8.

Here are top 10 most developed countries in Africa according to the United Nations Human Development Index for 2019.

1. Libya

2. Gabon

3. South Africa

4. Egypt

5. Cape Verde

6. Namibia

7. Republic of the Congo

8. Ghana

9. Equatorial Guinea

10. Kenya

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