Most Nigerians Cannot Do What These Little Girls Were Spotted Doing (Photos)

Owls are highly feared in Nigeria as many Nigerians believe there is a spiritual undertone to their existence. This belief by most Nigerians can be traced to of these two facts about most Nigerians.

1. Most Nigerians are highly religious and hence belief in really ridiculous things, such as the strange belief that all owls are witches.

2. Unexplained Paranormals Prevalent in the country: Yea, really weird and creepy stuff happen in the country with many beyond the physical, this kinda explains Nigerians as many claim they’ve witnessed such happenings such as an owl turning to an old woman and vice versa.

However, not minding the various beliefs surrounding the bird, Owl; here are some pictures Factboyz.com obtained showing children taking pictures with live owls; a stunt most Nigerians would NEVER dare to try.

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