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Celebrities are much like us in a lot of ways, and there’s no better proof of this than looking at their hobbies. Just like regular people, celebrities enjoy filling their spare time with activities they love and enjoy, ranging from simple crafting pastimes to daring and adventurous feats. Whether it is a simple pleasure or wild activity, hobbies are one of the things that can truly build a connection between fans and celebrities.

If you’re looking for something new to fill your time, trying out a hobby or activity that your favourite celebrity enjoys can be a great option. While you might not have the wealth and resources of your favourite actor, musician or influencer, many of these hobbies are inexpensive and easy to begin at home.


Knitting can be a fun and relaxing hobby that has maintained its popularity throughout the years. Whereas for previous generations, knitting was a necessary way of making and mending clothes, for many people today, it is a fun and stress-relieving way to pass the time. There are many celebrities who enjoy knitting, including Meryl Streep, Kate Middleton and Russel Crowe.

Ping Pong

Ping pong is a fun and simple game beloved by school kids worldwide. There are some celebrities who didn’t leave their love of ping pong behind as they entered adulthood and who remain as enthusiastic as ever about the game. These include Susan Sarandon, Justin Bieber and Barrack Obama. Ping pong can be a great game to play with friends, helping you relax and unwind.


Running is a simple and easy way to keep fit, and it is one of the most accessible hobbies in terms of affordability. All you need to get started with running is a quality pair of sneakers and a route to follow. Running is popular for its simplicity but also for its many health benefits. There are probably thousands of celebrities that regularly run as part of their exercise routine, but some notable names include Jennifer Lawrence, Meghan Markle and Pamela Anderson.

Dungeons And Dragons

Formerly a game for people perceived as social outcasts, Dungeons and Dragons has seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years. This is largely thanks to a cultural shift towards embracing things previously perceived as being geeky, with TV shows like Stranger Things doing a lot to make D&D more accessible to people. Some famous players of D&D include Deborah Ann Woll, Vin Diesel and Stephen Colbert.

Casino Games

Bryan Cranston is a big fan of poker, and he’s not the only celebrity with a love of casino games. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are also massive fans of all things casino. Anyone keen to emulate their favourite celebs playing casino games should always look for a reputable online casino, like the safe and reliable options and games reviewed by PlayLive.


For people who love to create things with their bare hands, there’s no better hobby than woodworking. You’ll need to invest in suitable tools, and you can early spend a lot on creating your own woodworking shop at home. Woodworking can be a great way to build your own furniture while offering excellent benefits for relaxation and stress relief. Famous woodworkers include Nick Offerman and Harrison Ford.


For lovers of thrill-seeking hobbies, it doesn’t get more adrenaline-filled than skydiving. This is one of the priciest hobbies on this list, with the cost of getting into the activity varying depending on how often you want to go. You can normally pay to do a single tandem jump without it putting you too much out of pocket, but if you want to learn about how to skydive solo or go diving regularly, you will need to invest more. Some of the daredevil celebs that love skydiving include Nicole Kidman, Drew Barrymore, Tom Cruise and Will Smith.


Getting out onto the open water or settling in at the banks of a lake or river to spend a day fishing is many people’s idea of a perfect day. Fishing is an activity that requires patience and good attention to detail, and it is a sport enjoyed by celebrities from all backgrounds. Some of the biggest fishing fans of the celebrity world include Emma Watson, Liam Neeson, and David Beckham.


Yoga has long been a popular way to exercise among celebrities and regular people. Yoga combines exercise with meditative and mindfulness practices, making it a workout that can truly benefit the mind and boost mental health. Yoga is, unsurprisingly, very popular among celebrities across Hollywood, with notable yogis including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson (who actually is a qualified yoga teacher), and Justin Timberlake.


It can feel strange to think that celebrities aren’t that different to us. Underneath all the glitz and glamour, there is a normal person with unique interests and things that bring them joy. Their hobbies can give you a real glimpse into their personalities, showing that they are more than the cultivated image they portray on the screen, in the recording studio or on social media.

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