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Allison Gollust Salary

Allison Gollust‘s annual pay as CNN’s senior VP and chief marketing officer ranges from $197, 000 to $212, 000 per year. These values, however, can fluctuate significantly depending on the employee’s degree of seniority.

NameAllison Gollust
Salaryfrom $197, 000 to $212, 000 per year
Net worth$2.5 million
Marital StatusDivorced
Ex HusbandBilly Hunt

Allison Gollust Net worth

Gollust’s long tenure at CNN has helped her accumulate a net worth of $2.5 million as at 2022. She has amassed such vast riches as a result of her employment as CNN’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer.

Who is Allison Gollust’s Husband

Allison Gollust’s ex husband is Billy Hult. They were married for some years before they officially divorced.

Her marriage to her spouse had ended a few years before. In addition, she and her ex-husband have two children together. For the time being, we don’t have any other information about them.

Jeff also shattered his 21-year marriage when he divorced his wife in 2018. He also claimed that their marriage had been dormant for about a decade.

CNN is looking into the Chris Cuomo matter further, and it appears that the network is riddled with controversies.

Allison Gollust Wiki

Allison Gollust is the Cable News Network’s (CNN) Executive Vice President. Everything you need to know about her relationship with Jeff Zucker is right here. Does she have a husband?

Allison Gollust CNN Affair

Allison Gollust and Jeff Zucker, two CNN executives, have been having an affair for quite some time. After the affair was revealed during Chris Cuomo’s investigation, the CNN president resigned.

The board had sacked their top anchor, Chris Cuomo, in the wake of a similar scandal, and everyone was taken aback by the hypocrisy, given that the board’s two most senior officials were having an affair. Zucker has resigned, better late than never.

Allison Gollust: Who Is She? To Know About Wikipedia’s Bio

Allison Gollust is CNN’s Vice President of Marketing and Chief Marketing Officer.

In addition, she joined CNN in 2013 after working for NBC as a marketing executive. She was also the communications director for Andrew Cuomo, the former governor of New York.

It has been proven that CNN defended the Cuomo brothers because of Allison’s friendship with the former governor. He’s been accused of sexual harassment in the workplace for quite some time.

Despite this, Chris Cuomo was sacked by CNN after an inquiry revealed that he advised his brother on how to handle the situation.

What Has Been Happening With Allison Gollust And Jeff Zucker?

Allison Gollust has been having an affair with Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN, for several years.

When the Network began investigating Chris Cuomo, their affair was discovered. However, it is suspected that several staff were aware of the scandal but chose to remain silent.

Before joining CNN in 2013, both Gollust and Zucker worked for NBC. According to a source, they were married when the affair began.

The former CNN president has come clean and resigned as a result of the scandal.

Allison Gollust Birthday and Age

Gollust’s date of birth is unknown; she prefers to keep her personal life out of the spotlight, making it difficult to determine her exact age. As soon as new information becomes available, it will be added to this section.

Allison Gollust Height and Weight

Gollust is an average-sized woman. She stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall (1.70 m). She, too, weighs around 143 pounds (65 kgs). Her perfect black hair and dark brown, gleaming eyes round out her appearance.

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