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Annaliese Witschak Biography

Annaliese Witschak is the first wife of George Soros, an American billionaire and Democrat Party supporter who was born in Hungary.

Annaliese Witschak

Annaliese Witschak was born in the United States of America on January 3, 1934. Witschak was a second-generation German immigrant from Germany who had been orphaned during WWII.

NameAnnaliese Witschak
Date of BirthJanuary 3, 1934
Age87 years (2021)
Net worth$2.1 billion
Former HusbandGeorge Soros
Children3 children

Annaliese Witschak Marriage/Husband

George Soros was her first husband. George is a Hungarian-born American philanthropist and millionaire investor. In 1960, the couple tied the knot. Robert Daniel Soros, Andrea Soros Colombel, and Jonathan Tivadar Soros are the names of their three children.

Annaliese Witschak

Annaliese Witschak, on the other hand, divorced her husband George in 1983, after 23 years of marriage. She accused George of being unfaithful to her. Annaliese has been unmarried since since.

Annaliese Witschak Children

Robert Daniel Soros, Andrea Soros Colombel, and Jonathan Tivadar Soros are Annaliese Witschak’s children with George Soros.

Her children are all doing well individually for themselves; see their brief profiles below:

Robert Daniel Soros, the founder of the Central European University in Budapest, gave the speech in 1963. At the Temple Emanu-El in New York City, he is delighted with Melissa Robin Schiff.

Andrea Soros was born in 1965 and is the founder and CEO of the Trace Foundation, which was established in 1993. Annaliese Witchchak is a member of the Acumen Fund’s board of directors and a partner. Eric Colombel is her happily married husband.

In the year 1970, Jonathan Tivadar Sores was born into the world. He is a political donor and a hedge fund manager. Jennifer Ann Allan, his wife, is the love of his life.

Annaliese Witschak Net worth

Annaliese Witschak has an estimated net worth of more than $2 billion. Her husband George Soros is one of the wealthiest investors in the USA.

Is Annaliese Witschak Jewish?

Annaliese Witschak is not Jewish, but she lost both parents during the second world war.

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