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Antwain Fowler Cause of Death

Antwain Fowler Cause of Death – Antwain Fowler’s cause of death is a disease known as autoimmune enteropathy. It’s an uncommon disease that causes youngsters to have a lot of diarrhea, to the point where they need IV fluids. It can also have an impact on a child’s ability to absorb nutrients and vitamins.

The condition develops when the body’s immune system assaults itself, causing inflammation in the gut lining. It can also have an impact on the thyroid.

Autoimmune enteropathy is exceedingly rare and can be linked to other diseases such as diabetes or kidney failure.

Recurrent or persistent diarrhea, poor weight gain or loss, decreased urination, frequent infections, occasional bloody stools, or a skin rash are all symptoms of the condition.

Antwain Fowler Wiki

Antwain Fowler Wiki – Antwain Fowler is an American boy who became famous across the world after his video went viral. In the video, he could be seen asking his mum, ‘Where we bout to eat at’ while eating some chips and looking all chubby.

Antwain Fowler Death

Antwain Fowler Death – An Instagram post from Antwain Fowler’s account on Sunday, November 21, 2021, revealed the six-year-old has died.

“Antwain Lee Fowler was diagnosed with Auto-immune Enteropathy in July of 2015,” according to a GoFundMe website.

In just five years, he had over 25 surgeries and was hospitalized “countless times” due to his ailment.

Antwain Fowler Career

Antwain Fowler Career – Fowler gained notoriety after a viral video in which he simply inquired, “Where are we going to eat?”

Over the previous five years, his amusing personality has delighted hundreds of people since the four-second clip premiered.

Fowler and his mother continued to make videos and submit them to Youtube despite having over 555K Instagram followers.

AntwainsWorld, his YouTube channel, has over 244K subscribers.

The couple would frequently make vlogging films of their daily lives or post restaurant reviews.

Hundreds of social media users have expressed their condolences and prayers following Antwain’s untimely death, describing him as “overjoyed and continually smiling towards the world.”

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