How A Lady Secretly Planned Her Friend's Engagement But Instead She Got Engaged -
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How A Lady Secretly Planned Her Friend’s Engagement But Instead She Got Engaged



A lady secretly planned her friend’s engagement day but was surprised to be the one that was engaged! See the full story below with video.

So @sandra_hills the CEO of was contacted by her sister-in-law boyfriend to plan his Engagement for him, to think she kept it hidden from her boyfriend @vinglobal and all her family members and went in about her business. So they kept it cool.

So imagine her doing the whole work, putting in her very best and walking in the supposed proposee in only to find out that she was the one to be proposed to
. The look was epic and the joy overwhelmingly for all of them.

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They said “welcome to our family my beautiful @sandra-hillz May this joy and happiness I see here be forever”

She wrote on Instagram,

So this was how it started…..I got a call from my sister-in-law’s boyfriend that he wants to engage her and needed my services,so imagine the excitement I had putting this event together 😊yesterday came with a very positive energy,picturing the look on her when eventually he pops the question😆.

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The night came and people started trooping in,everyone seated except the proposer and bride to be😁eventually he came,asked to see the job I did before his girl comes in😄so we walked into the restaurant with everyone there…. Me busy pointing out my decor only to see my boyfriend on his knees🤷🏾‍♀️I screamed,passed thinking “what a joke” only to turn back and see he’s still on his knees wow😳and everybody staring with their cameras on but still I was confused until he{sis-in-law’s boyfriend} spoke up that it’s my day🙀🙄oh mine d adrenaline was super high,mixed feelings,should I run away,what’s going on,then the tears came streaming down,I couldn’t believe I was actually planning for my very own proposal😭😭.

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Well I said YES to the love of my life with both families present,looking forward to what the future has in store for us but all I see is happiness everywhere and I want to say a big thank you to my elder sister @cmhairbyhills for always being the big sister and supporting me always. It a new dawn guys let’s rock and roll 😉

*It’s amazing seeing wowbox being wowed

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