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Who is Odumeje Also Known As The Lion?

The Nigerian religious atmosphere with respect to Christianity stands tall in the country as various pastors, reverends and bishops claim holy rights in helping Nigerian Christians in their walk with God.

However, throughout the years pastors have been a subject of many controversies because of the various conspiracy theories that surround their ministries and personalities. Some insinuate that they use juju(magic) to perform miracles, conservative Christians allege that some charismatic Christians are not living as they should and many other controversies that rock the church in Nigeria.

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Who is Odumeje?

Prophet Odumeje whose real name is Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere is a Nigerian pastor who has had his own fair share in the ton of questions and controversies hurled at him probably because of his style when ministering in his church known as The Mountain of Holy Ghost Intervention Deliverance Ministry located in the industrial city of Onitsha, Anambra state.

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Odumeje began his ministry on the 10th September 2010; first as a deliverance ministry where he conducted deliverances for all manner of ailments in a public compound in Onitsha, Anambra state.

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Odumeje is believed to be the 3rd child in a family of six children. He is a native of Orlu Local Government Area of IMO state. He is married to a lovely wife and blessed with 4 kids.

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Prophet Odumeje’s controversy never ceases to end because of the way he presents the gospel in his headquarter
church in Onitsha. He is reportedly known to perform miracles in various ways that might be laughable to outsiders who are not members. This antics include; speaking in a way not depicting a pastor who he is; more like speaking in a way that depicts someone who doesn’t even know the four walls of the church! He uses some kind of words that are controversial taking in consideration his standing as a pastor. He is also know to perform miracles touching miracle seekers in a hard manner with many of them landing on the floor as a result. To you, that might he weird, but to the thousands of followers he has been able to garner, that is God’s power moving! He carries members during the deliverance sessions and many are left to wonder Is this man, God sent?

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Notably, in October 2019, Prophet Odumeje’s followers in Indonesia, numbering about 80 Nigerians were deported by the Indonesian government for publicly spraying the the prophet on the altar while on a visit to Jakarta, Indonesia.

However, Prophet Odumeje is reputed to be a relentless giver who is known to dole out cash in thousands to the needy, handicapped and poor. He has also come to be accepted by the Nollywood Community as some prominent actors have identified with him by attending his church. These actors include Zubby Michael, Yul Edochie and a host of others.

Is Odumeje A True Pastor/Prophet?

Questions like this are dependent on two things;

1. What does the Bible say?

2. How close to God are you?

The personal or collective quest to find out whether a pastor is genuine or not can only be answered when the searcher seeks in context to what the bible says about false prophets. The scriptures say, By their fruit, you shall know them” Anyone who is close to God can equally be able to know who a true man of God is, and who isn’t.

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A good number of Christians in the country already allege that prophet Odumeje is not a true man of God with many pointing to his unusual and unconventional way of ministering as a valid point; but who are we to say when God has not said? Christians must channel energy in that regard to know true from false by close fellowship with God.

Odumeje’s style might be controversial but to some others, he is a blessing but the question is, Can he stand the test of time? God alone can answer that question.

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