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Big Brother Australia 14 will be the fourteenth season of the Australian version of the reality show. The Big Brother Australia House will include 21 housemates.

Big Brother Australia (commonly known as Big Brother) is an Australian reality show based on John de Mol’s international Big Brother formula.

The show involves a group of participants known as “housemates” who live together in a specially designed house that is separated from the outside world, similar to earlier iterations of the format. Live television cameras and personal audio microphones are used to watch the housemates at all times during their stay. Housemates are evicted from the house and eliminated from the competition throughout the tournament.

The tournament is won by the last surviving housemate, who receives a monetary reward of $250,000.

Sam, age 32

Sam, who works as an intimacy coach, claims that seduction is her superpower. While we haven’t seen much of Sam yet, the trailer hinted at a possible romance with BB royalty, Drew (yep, the Drew who was enamored with Tully during his first season).

Gabbie, age 22

Gabbie is a free-spirited thinker and a former flight attendant who lives by the philosophy “what others don’t know won’t damage them.” We already like her.

We’re confident that her charisma, charm, and ability to raise her voice when necessary will carry her far into the season, but it’s anyone’s game right now.

Jaycee, age 23

We’re already tingling with excitement because the self-described “smiling assassin” could be the biggest threat to the Big Brother house.

The hip hop singer and entrepreneur says he’s not opposed to taking matters into his own hands in order to win the game.

He can also construct musical instruments out of whatever he may find around the house. While I’m intrigued, I doubt any of the contestants would want to see (or hear) that.

Lara, age 52

Lara is a grandma from a small town in New South Wales. She is the mother of four children and the grandmother of one, and it is no exaggeration to say that Big Brother truly saved her life.

According to TV Tonight, Lara was compelled to compete in normal medical examinations, which revealed that pre-cancer cells had been located in her cervix. Thankfully, she only needed a minor procedure to get ready for the latest season of Big Brother.

All we can say is that we can’t wait to meet you, Lara.

Melanie age 41

Melanie, who worked as a flight attendant prior to the epidemic, now works as a receptionist, which means she may have the finest social game this season.

Given her “contagious” cheerfulness, she will undoubtedly pose a huge threat to the other housemates.

Taras, age 34

Taras thinks his ability to manipulate and perform covert game play will make him one of the most unexpected housemates on this season of Big Brother. Taras has worked as a music instructor, a writer for Sticky Fingers, and a multi-instrumentalist in his own band, The Lulu Raes.

His game strategy appears to be to position himself with the strongest players while avoiding any moves that might alienate the weaker guys, and all we can say is good luck, dude. You’ll require it.

Lulu, age 39

Lulu was born and raised in Brazil, where she studied journalism, advertising, and marketing before meeting her now 12-year-old spouse. She works in community services and they now live in Brisbane.

Lulu isn’t new to the spotlight (she was once an extra on a Brazilian program), and we’re sure we’ll see her again soon, because her dream is to star in a popular serial drama.

2006 housemate Dave Graham, 42

Dave first appeared on our television screens in 2006 on Big Brother, where he became a household name after coming out as gay during an emotional scene during his season. For the farmer, who is now 42, not much has changed.

He’s created a thriving career as an international dog trainer since his BB days, which has taken him all around the world.

He’s also a father of four and the youth program manager at RuffTRACK, a farm-based youth charity that works to provide a safe future for vulnerable youngsters.

2013 housemate Anthony Drew, 33

Drew, or Anthony Drew, was the popular runner-up on the 2013 season of Big Brother.

Tully Smith, who was in a relationship with someone else when she entered the BB house, is best remembered for his romance with him. Outside of the competition, the two were unable to make their relationship work, although they remain friends.

2012 housemate Estelle Landy, 33

With a total of 19 nominations in season nine of Big Brother, Estelle Landy is known for having the most. She was also evicted eight times out of twelve times, back when the audience had all the power.

Despite this, she finished third overall, behind Layla Subritzky and Benjamin Norris. She is still the same Estelle we met in 2012, and she still rides, skates, and works as a horse riding coach on the NSW north coast.

2012 runner-up Layla Subritzky, 33

Layla was a popular figure on Big Brother in 2012, and she finished second behind Benjamin. Her renowned song, Oats-a-la-Layla, and her torrid affair with interloper Sam Wallace are both remembered.

Layla is still the charming ‘English Rose’ that Australia fell in love with over a decade ago, and there’s no way she’ll go down without a major fight for the BB title this time.

She also competed in the third season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia in 2013 after her experience on the show. She was fired in task seven and placed seventh overall.

Reggie Bird, 42, winner in 2003

Regina Bird, the 2003 Big Brother winner, captivated the Australian public.

Despite her historic victory, Reggie confesses she had problems finding work following the competition.

“I packed my belongings and moved to Sydney.” For approximately two years following the show, I couldn’t get work because no one would take me seriously. She revealed on the podcast Not Here To Make Friends, “I spent all the money I had left on rent.”

Reggie’s life hasn’t been easy since she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, which has rendered her legally blind.

Reggie will make sure it’s a show worth seeing when she returns.

“This may be a new game, but Reggie is still Reggie.” “It’s just tiny old Tazzie,” she explained. “Big Brother runs in my veins.” I can’t believe I’ve arrived.”

Tim Dormer, 37, winner in 2013

Tim won Big Brother in 2013 for being an utter s**t stirrer, and in 2016 he even appeared on Canada’s Big Brother season.

His unusual game style and ability to create a splash got him far in his first season, but with so many renowned players and cunning new housemates, we’ll just have to wait and see if he’ll be able to get away with his usual methods this time around.

Tim works as a disability assistance care worker at the moment.

With his return to the Big Brother house, he’ll undoubtedly give the other contestants a run for their money.

Trevor Butler, winner in 2004

Trevor Butler is the first candidate to ever win $1,000,000 instead of the standard $250,000 prize, and is best known for proposing to his girlfriend, Breea Forrest, on stage after winning.

Maika and Creedance, their two sons, are the couple’s current children.

Trevor was able to use his prize money to build up a home and a foundation the first time around. He claims that if he wins this season, he will be able to pay off his sons’ school expenses and get his children’s book off the ground.

Trevor will be the only returning player who has never been nominated for the Big Brother house.

Josh, age 32

Josh is a former international model who now runs his own painting company north of Byron Bay. He gets up at the crack of dawn every day, walks his dog Bowie, grabs a cup of coffee, and goes for a surf.

He enjoys the outdoors and may be seen surfing, camping, fishing, or taking out his boat when he is not painting houses. He prefers to act on the spur of the moment and always goes with the flow.

Johnson, age 26

Johnson, an alpha guy, is readily recognizable thanks to his characteristic beard and booming voice. Johnson is always one to stand out from the crowd, and he commands attention wherever he goes.

Johnson has an opinion on everything and will make sure to create one if he doesn’t already have one. He can come across as pompous and boisterous at times, but he also has a lighthearted, humorous, and hilarious side.

Joel, age 27

Joel is a cocky charmer who feels he can win over anyone with his tremendous positive energy. He is a builder by trade and vegan by preference.

He is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Renewable Energy Technologies and works part-time at Bunnings while dabbling in modeling.

Joel describes himself as a “dream man” who enjoys cooking and cleaning. He takes pride in being the ideal boyfriend, bragging that he remains friends with all of his ex-girlfriends and their parents. He is well conscious of his attraction to women, and he makes no attempt to hide it by flirting with the ladies, lads, and even Big Brother himself.

Tully, age 34

Tully became one of the most notable housemates in Big Brother Australia history when, despite having a girlfriend at home, she became intimate with fellow housemate Anthony Drew in Big Brother Australia 10.

Tully became loathed by a huge segment of the Australian audience as a result, and she was evicted in Week 8. Tully returned to the House for a brief while on Day 85 as part of the ‘Freeze Task,’ whispering “I’m single” into Drew’s ear and kissing him before leaving.

Aleisha, age 24

“Leish” is the name given to this lively, carefree, and stunning girl next door by her friends. She’s a sassy blonde bombshell who doesn’t mind getting her flirt on to manipulate, lie, and get what she wants. She isn’t scared to lie to have the upper hand in a scenario.

Aleisha has always wanted to be on Big Brother because she is resilient and intelligent, with two successful enterprises under her belt. Her social game will be her strength in the house, which she will deploy deliberately from the start, building on her physical game after assessing the situation.

Aleisha believes her physical strength will be her secret weapon on Big Brother. She’s very athletic, having competed in BMX Australia and traveled abroad. She’s also a die-hard Fremantle Dockers supporter who adores her cavoodle puppy, Lilou.

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