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Blessing Okoro Blessing CEO Biography and Profile

Blessing Okoro Biography – Blessing Okoro Nkiruka also known as Blessing CEO is a Nigerian relationship adviser and alleged relationship expert who is known for advising young Nigerian men and women on issues relating to relationship, dating, sex and divorce.

Blessing Okoro Biograph

Blessing CEO is a Domestic Violence Survivor, Relationship Expert, Youtuber, and Owner of the Break or Make Up Relationship Blog. Her passion is to assist young people in finding love and understanding in their relationships. She aspires to start a chain reaction that encourages young people to embrace intentionally fulfilled lives filled with love, happiness, and acceptance by reducing toxicity and negativity in their interactions.

Blessing Okoro is known to be very vocal about her opinions on how women should treat men and vice versa. She has gained popularity all across Nigeria and beyond as she lectures people on how to go about their private and personal lives.

NameBlessing Okoro aka Blessing CEO
Date of BirthMay 23, 1989
Age32 years as at 2021.
OccupationRelationship Expert, Youtuber, and Owner of the Break or Make Up Relationship Blog.
Net worth$500,000
ContactPhone: 07019511795
Email: [email protected]
website: www.breakormakeup.com

Blessing Okoro Biography

Blessing Okoro Blessing CEO Early Life and Background

Blessing CEO was born on May 23, 1989 Growing up was difficult for her, as it was for many other young Nigerians, so she had to work extra hard to succeed in life.

In an interview, she narrated how she got her first job;

“After I had an extra year in school and my mates had gone for NYSC, I rewrote my exams and waited for the next batch. I was frustrated and depressed because I was going through divorce and battle of child custody I needed to go out and keep my mind busy but I had nobody or contact.

“So that morning I took one of the suit my ex bought me on my 20th and wore it. I had no transport fair but I was determined to get a job. Since i was still an undergraduate I knew I might not get the best of jobs but I told myself I will get the best of my kind. So I walked from goldie to Transcorp hotels in Calabar, if u saw me that early morning walking with so much confidence you will think I was walking to pick my car. I trekked that morning with my suit and beautiful makeup, until I got to Transcop hotels. When I got to the gate my heart started beating, but I held myself and walked into the gate, the gateman stopped me and asked if I had an appointment and I said yes, with the manager.

“He greeted me and I walked to the reception boldly and sat down.
I swear to God I was scared because I did not know anybody or my right to my left. I was just seated looking and forming calls. I saw a newspaper so I quickly buried my face in it, but I was looking around. Until after 40min I saw one man coming down from the staircase and I walked up to him straight up.

“Good morning sir. He replied good morning. I started. Sir, please I want to talk to you about something, he said go ahead and I said can we sit, yes that is how confident I am, he said tell me here.

“So I started, sir please I need a job, I beg you in the name of God I don’t want to abuse my body when I can work with my hands to survive, sir please help me.

“The man looked at me, looked at me again and smiled. He said, I love your confidence, and to add you have a good diction. Follow me. He took me straight to the MD and said give her a job. I did not know that I just spoke to one of the biggest share holders in Transcorp. And that was it, I never saw him again in my life. That was my first breakthrough to exposure. My confidence gave everything.”

Blessing CEO Age/Blessing Okoro Age

Blessing Okoro also known as Blessing CEO age is 32 years as at 2021.

Blessing Okoro Biograph

Blessing Okoro / Blessing CEO Career

She’s also the creator of Break or Makeup, a relationship site where she posts videos and information about female empowerment and domestic violence. She is popularly known as Blessing CEO. Her YouTube videos are usually inspiring, with messages regarding women’s empowerment, women abuse and domestic violence. She’s also a well-known Instagram influencer. She is a well-known blogger and content producer. She touts herself as an intellectual entertainer and a certified controversial relationship/mental specialist.

Blessing CEO Biography

Blessing Okoro of Blessing CEO Ex Husband

Blessing Okoro in countless interviews revealed she got married at the age of 19 to a man who was 10 years older than her. According to her, the man began sleeping with her when she was 14. Their marriage didn’t last long as she reported abuse and constant beatings from the man.

Blessing CEO Dating Site

Blessing CEO has a website and an instagram page where she shares stories of downtrodden women who have been abused in one way or the other by men; some of these stories also feature women who are in need of advise for their relationships. Her Dating Site and website is breakormakeup

Her Dating Site offers other services such as;

Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy is one if the best medicine to the soul. BOM therapy lounge is the best in Africa. We have all it takes to calm your emotions.

The site says, We improve your inner mind, all round with our professional counsel and therapy to keep you stable and active.
We offer medical consultation on request, check your vital signs, BP, Sugar level, Weight etc.

All your vital signs to make sure you are fit for therapy.
We have professional sociologist who will take time to work with your mind and emotions.

After therapy we give you a wellness massage to calm your nerves. Breakormakeup therapy lounge is a place to experience therapy.

Blessing Okoro Biograph

Blessing Okoro Biography

Hook Up and Dating Service

The site says, We do hook ups for busy individuals who are too occupied to socialize.
We help you find dream spouses
We work with your specifications and get your desire.
We are professional and we screen clients before any hookups.

Wellness and Spa

The site says, We believe that health, wellness and beauty are linked.
Our bodies are linked to our minds.
From start to finish our dedicated spa teams ensure your journey enhances your well being and elevate your spirit.
Come and enjoy one of BOM signature service.
Whether you select our luxury therapy, normal therpy or VIP therapy, you will enjoy the tranquil experience and the transformational environment.

Blessing Okoro Biography

Blessing Okoro CEO House Scandal/Saga

Blessing Nkiruka Okoro, also known as Blessing CEO, the founder of ‘Breakup or Makeup,’ was detained after attempting to pass off someone else’s house as her own and taking a photo in front of it.

Blessing celebrated her 30th birthday with a party in three Nigerian states: Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt. She also showed off a new seven-bedroom duplex that she claimed to have built herself.

However, the house’s owner, Onye Eze, an Igbo businessman based in China, discovered her lie and publicly exposed her. Blessing, on the other hand, insisted that the house belonged to her and even supplied a house plan as proof. She also uploaded a video of the house in an attempt to save face. Then she posted a pic of herself in her nightgown in front of the house this morning.

Unfortunately for Blessing, she took the deception too far this time and was arrested and forced to confess.

Blessing Okoro Biograph

Blessing Okoro Biography

Blessing CEO Contact and Phone Number

Blessing CEO can be contacted with these information below,

Phone: 07019511795
Email: [email protected]
website: www.breakormakeup.com

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