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Cássia Tavares Biography

Who is Cássia Tavares? Cássia Tavares is a Brazilian woman who is best known for being Jason Hitch’s ex-wife. Jason Hitch starred in the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiancé’s second season.

Jason, a Florida resident, was 38 years old and Cassia, a Brazilian, was 23 years old when they first met.

They agreed to exchange numbers after communicating on Facebook, and it wasn’t long before they were filing for a K-1 visa so Cassia could migrate to the United States.

When Cassia came in America to visit Jason’s home state of Florida, she was given a $500 allowance to buy a bed set, but she was able to get the one she really wanted.

They started a cookie business before getting married at the end of the season and were able to get a few contracts.

Cassia and Jason ended up dating for three years. In 2017, they did, however, divorce.

When a cop arrived, Hitch claimed “nothing happened” when he was arrested for domestic abuse against Tavares in January 2017. They tried to save their marriage by going to couples counseling before divorcing.

Cassia and Jason divorced in 2018, and she went back to school in the United States before returning to Brazil. He blamed their split on “a lack of communication.”

They were supposedly still living together shortly after the divorce was finalized. On their four-year wedding anniversary, the paperwork arrived.

Cássia Tavares Former Husband – Jason Hitch

Season 2 of “90 Day Fiancé” starred Jason Hitch and Cassia Tavares. They met online via a message program, like many other couples on the show, and decided to exchange numbers once their infatuation became serious (via Screen Rant).

Cassia left her native nation of Brazil to establish a new life in Florida on the K1 visa route, and the culture shock was significant — not only because her fiancé lived with his father but also because he acted like an OAP (old age pensioner).

Jason enticed his soon-to-be wife in with promises of shopping sprees, but actually took her to auction sites where she was put on a tight budget.

The couple appeared to be happy and even launched a cookie business, but life was not as it looked (according to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup). So, apart from the “90 Day Fiancé” curse, where are the pair now, and what exactly drove them apart?

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