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The Unbelievable Story of The Nigerian Man Who Survived Under The Ocean For Three Days After Boat Tragedy

Harrison Okene a 29 year old man at the time, woke up after hearing some loud noise, ignoring the noise he proceeded to read his bible and after saying a short prayer, he proceeded to use the bathroom. Leaving his bunk, he walked towards the ship’s bathroom to do his business. Harrison would turn out to be the lone survivor of a boat sinking at sea.

Meet the Modern Day Jonah Who Survived After Swallowed By A Sperm Whale

We might have wondered; what are the chances of survival when swallowed by a huge whale in the sea or ocean as the case may be. Well, you might have thought that could have never happened as you do not believe in all these stories told by the Bible and the Quran; but what if we told you that something of this nature happened not too long ago(its actually about 200 years ago)
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What 7 Million Dollars Could Do For You If You Give USA Info on Capturing Boko Haram Leader Shekau

Just imagine you just gave the United States of America Information on how to capture the deadly boko haram leader Abubakar Shekau; you’ll definetley know you’ve hit it big as there is a 7 million dollar bounty on his head by President Donald J Trump up for grabs! For a starter, this amount translates to 2.5 billion naira and your life will definitely change as this amount of money is no joke.