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UK Govt To Train Dogs To Spot Covid-19 Before Symptoms Appear

After successful government support of trained dogs spotting specific cancers, TheĀ  UK trials will aim to test and train dogs to diagnose the coronavirus. According...

Singapore Releases Robotic Dog To Enforce Social Distancing (Photos)

Singapore impresses again with an innovative idea and invention that is set to revolutionize the response of government to fighting the coronavirus. The four-legged robot...

See The Monitor Lizard Governor Ben Ayade Caught While On Inspection

Governor Ayade was full of humorous jubilation after catching and posing with a monitor lizard caught roaming around an inspection site in his project. He...

Rare Snake With Two Heads Fight Each Other For Food (Photos)

Two-headed snake discovered in the forest area of Odisha State, in India It shockingly has four eyes, two tongues on two heads that...

New Species Of Green-Pit Viper Snake Discovered in India [Photos]

A new species of green pit viper snake has just been discovered in India proving that the human race still have a long way...

10 Facts About Samoyed Dogs You Should Know

The Samoyed dogs are beautiful, graceful, fluffy and highly intelligent dogs. Though it might come as a surprise to many, the samoyed breed is...

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Latest Articles

Man Wears Oba of Lagos Shoes After Palace Was Attacked (VIDEO)

A team of armed soldiers earlier on rescued the Oba of Lagos, Rilwanu Akiolu, from angry protesting youth who invaded the palace, burning it down and carting away properties of the Oba. reports say that over 5000 bags of COVID-19 palliative rice was discovered and shared with the community by the angry youths.

Tinubu Smuggled Out of Hotel in France By French Police As Protesters Shout “Shame on You”! (VIDEO)

French Police in France helped move Asiwaju Bola Tinubu from his hotel room in France to safety as protesters besieged his hotel.

Thugs Share Covid-19 Palliatives Found in Oba of Lagos Palace (Video)

Watch the moment hoodlums packed COVID-19 pallaiatives found at the Oba of Lagos' palace and shared them among the youths.

Tinubu Jets To France As Protesters Surround His Hotel in Charles De Gaulle Area Shouting Ole!! (VIDEO)

Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the former governor of Lagos state has fled the country to France where he is currently on the run. However, Nigerians in France have reportedly surrounded his hotel in the Charles dear Gaulle Area of Paris shouting Ole! in translation Thief

The Moment Oba of Lagos House Was Attacked Cars Hit (VIDEO)

Moment Oba of Lagos House Was Attacked by Mob. The mob was seen breaking everything in his house, hitting his cars with heavy stone.