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Charlie Kirk Biography, Net worth, Age, Wife

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Charlie Kirk is an American conservative activist who aligns with the Republican Political Party in the United States of America. Charlie Kirk also doubles as the founder of Turning Point USA which is a right-wing organization dedicated to advocating Conservative ideas in high schools, colleges and Universities all across America.

Charlie Kirk

The Daily Mice will be looking into the life of Charlie Kirk – His biography, Age, Net worth, Spouse etc.

NameCharlie Kirk
Date of Birth1993 aged 28.
Marital StatusEngaged (Erika Frantzve)
ReligionEvangelical Christian
Known ForActivism, founding Turning Point USA.
Quick Biography of Charlie Kirk – Daily Mice

Charlie Kirk Biography

Charlie Kirk was born in 1993 in a relatively wealthy suburb in Chicago, Illinois. His father Robert Kirk was a wealthy architect who was the lead project architect in the design and execution of the Trump Towers in New York.

Charlie Kirk pictured with President Donald Trump
Charlie Kirk pictured with President Donald Trump

Two years after President Barack Obama took office, Charlie Kirk became very active in politics and was very instrumental in the successful, victorious emergence of US Senate candidate Mark Kirk while still in junior year. Prior to this, he joined the Tea Party Group- A far-right organization and group.

Charlie began to gain National relevance in the US following a claim he made in 2012 where he alleged that there was liberal bias in high school textbooks in an article that was published in Breibart (which is also a far-right media news outlet)

This revelation by Charlie Kirk made him to be subsequently featured on Fox Business Network.

The Founding of Turning Point USA

In 2012, following his appearance on Fox Business Network, Charlie Kirk took the Bold step of becoming the founder of Turning Point USA; an organization whose primary, sole aim is to promote conservatism in US campuses. His vision of seeing Liberal ideas mellowed down prompted him to create this far right wing organization.

Charlie Kirk pictured with Candace Owens
Charlie Kirk pictured with Candace Owens

William Montgomery co-founded Turning Point with Charlie Kirk. William himself is a conservative who is also 50 years older than Charlie. TPUSA closely works hand in hand with various conservative organizations and groups some of which include; Students for Trump founded by Ryan Fournier, PragerU, Turning Point Action etc.

Sadly, William Montgomery the co-founder of Turning Point USA passed away in July, 2020 following complications from Coronavirus.

Turning point receives good funding from various conservatives especially Republican politicians and groups that promote conservative values in America. Between 2016 and 2017, Turning Point USA is believed to have raised in excess about $8 million.

Charlie Kirk’s Wife

Charlie Kirk is currently engaged to Erika Frantzve and the two are believed to be making preparations for a wedding soon.

Charlie Kirk and Erika Frantzve his fiancée
Charlie Kirk and Erika Frantzve his fiancée

Erika Frantzve, Charlie Kirk’s fiancée was raised in a strict Catholic background where she followed closely knitted Christian doctrine. She is an alumni of the Arizona State University where she majored in Political Science. She also doubles as a beauty pageant, who is highly successful with the beauty crown.

Charlie Kirk’s Religion

As prevalent amongst conservatives in America, Charlie Kirk is an Evangelical Christian who practices Christianity. He is often seen around Twitter making biblical passages and referring to scripture as backup when discussing some issues.

Charlie Kirk is also an ardent critic to Atheism and Atheists in general often referring to Atheists and Atheism saying, I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist. This Ideology which sounds quite clever is a strategy Charlie Kirk uses to buttress his ideas on Atheism. He has also said; Of all the religions, the hardest one for me to believe that people believe is atheism.

He also believes Atheism leads to Socialism as men attempt to fashion themselves into gods.

Charlie Kirk’s Age

Born in 1993, Charlie Kirk will be 28 in 2021. He has achieved quite a lot for his age (just saying)

Charlie Kirk’s Education and Career

Of course we know Charlie Kirk is now a full time activist, but he passed through the four walls of school too! He studied in King’s College and Harper’s college. While in King’s College, he studied part-time in an online form and dropped out of Harper in 2015.

Charlie Kirk’s Net worth

Charlie Kirk is Worth $2.5m and this is not surprising because he runs one of the most successful conservative organization in the United States.

Charlie Kirk Professor’s Watch List

Charlie Kirk has something he runs which is known as the Professor’s Watchlist and this watchlist details the activities of professors who have been accused of promoting left-wing agenda and idealogy in their classroom or lecture hall. The Watchlist also looks out for discrimination against conservative students in US colleges and campuses.

Charlie Kirk and Supporting Donald Trump

Following Trump’s emergence as the 2016 Presidential nominee for the Republican party, Charlie Kirk admitted that even though Trump was not his biggest fan, he would vote for him and he eventually did. Donald Trump later won the election and Charlie Kirk has been rallying around Donald Trump throughout his presidency at the White House. Charlie Kirk has been involved with defending various policies of the Trump Administration and conservatives in general; often calling out perceived redundant Republican senators who are not fully supporting Donald Trump.

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