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Chidozie Collins Obasi Net worth – $10 million

Chidozie Collins Obasi has an estimated net worth of about $10 million. He was accused of multiple counts of fraud by a United States court for defrauding the state of New York of $30 million.

What Did Chidozie Collins Obasi Do?

The indictment by the United States court on Chidozie Collins Obasi also claims that around March 2020, shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic struck the United States and ventilators were in high demand, Obasi pretended to be a representative of an Indonesian medical supply company and offered ventilators for sale.

He also allegedly claimed to have a sizable stockpile of ventilators made by a German company whose headquarters were in Telford, Pennsylvania. In order to trick the State of New York into wiring more than $30 million for the purchase of nonexistent ventilators, the defendant allegedly persuaded a medical equipment broker in the United States to broker sales of these nonexistent ventilators. Obasi persisted in using this same con to target other potential clients, including hospitals.

The Indictment claims that Obasi and his accomplices exploited the EID Loan program later, around June 2020, by applying for and receiving more than $135,000 in EID Loan proceeds using stolen identities of American citizens.

The US is looking for Obasi, who is currently at large, in order to apprehend him. Anyone who knows where he should get in touch with their local FBI office.

See the full details of his indictment here

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