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Christy O (BBNaija) Biography

Christy O (born 1998) is a Nigerian model and beauty entrepreneur who gained fame for participating in the season 7 of the 2022 BBNaija (Big Brother Naija) show.

The theme of this year’s show is Level Up. This year’s BBNaija is sponsored by Pocket (PiggyVest) and Flutterwave.

NameChristy O
Age24 years
Date of Birth1998
State of OriginOndo State
Beauty Entreprenuer
Net Worth$35,000

Christy O (BBNaija) Age

Christy O of BBNaija is 24 years of age. She was born in 1998.

Christy O (BBNaija) Career

Christy O (BBNaija) is a model and beauty entrepreneur. She has her own cosmetics store named christieocosmetics. She is a very hardworking youth who has proven overtime that she enjoys diligence and hardwork.

In her spare time, this outspoken 24-year-old models and believes in giving people second opportunities.

She characterizes herself as a “funny, clever, and industrious extrovert” who can be found “where the party is” on any given day. Christy O writes poems when she isn’t trekking or having a picnic with her close pals.

Her primary flaw? “I’m a perfectionist, which means I’m rarely pleased with a product, especially when someone else has done the work.” She is often opinionated and snarky, which may irritate her Housemates.

Despite this, Christy O believes she is the appropriate person for the job. “I am quite skilled at putting up a nice show.” Big Brother Naija is about having fun, learning, and being creative. “I think I’d be really good at it,” she says.

Christy O is eager to bring positive energy, laughter, and amazing vibes to the House, but be careful because she despises liars and always tells it like it is.
Christy O likes using sarcasm to both delight and anger others. She describes herself as “all colors of joy.” She’s never caught off guard. She rejects love at first sight because she does not want to ‘chop breakfast.’

Christy O (BBNaija) State of Origin

Christy O (BBNaija) is from the state of Ondo. Christy O (BBNaija) state of origin is Ondo state. Christy O is Yoruba by tribe.

Christy O (BBNaija) Net worth

Christy O (BBNaija) has an estimated net worth of $35,000. She is worth more than 10 million naira.

Christy O (BBNaija) Instagram

Christy O (BBNaija) is on Instagram. Her username on Instagram is officialchristy_o.

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