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Connor Sturgeon (1997-2023) was a former bank employee who opened fire at a bank in Louisville Kentuckey leaving five people dead. Details have emerged about his parents and family.

Connor Sturgeon Parents

Connor Sturgeon’s parents are Lisa and Todd Sturgeon. His father is Todd Sturgeon while his mother’s name is Lisa Sturgeon. Todd Sturgeon works as a basketball coach; it is not clear what Lisa Sturgeon does for a living.

How Connor Sturgeon Opened Fire at Louisville Bank

Connor Sturgeon, a 25-year-old bank worker from Louisville, Kentucky, was aware of his impending termination and penned a note to his loved ones before heading to work on Monday morning, where he initiated a shooting that resulted in five fatalities and eight injuries, as per an investigative law enforcement source.

Sturgeon had been employed at the bank for over a year, as stated by the same source. He broadcasted his assault live on Instagram, but the video has since been taken down. Authorities have identified the five victims, aged between 40 and 64, as Joshua Barrick, Juliana Farmer, Tommy Elliott, Deana Eckert, and James Tutt.

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