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Wordle is a fantastic game, but it can be a little too easy at times, leaving us wanting more. Fortunately, games like Quordle, which is essentially Wordle on steroids, are now available. Indeed, instead of just one word, you’ll need to figure out four to solve the daily Quordle puzzle. If you’re stuck on Quordle 121 for May 25, scroll down to the bottom of the page for some spoiler-free hints.

In Quordle, players are given nine attempts to figure out four different words. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to pay attention to the color of the tiles, just like in Wordle.

If the tiles turn grey, the letter you’re guessing doesn’t appear in the word. If it’s yellow, the letter will appear, but not in that location. Finally, green tiles indicate that the letter appears exactly where it should.

With Quordle, the twist is that when you guess a word, it appears in all four answer boxes. You can solve them in any order, so keep an eye on everything because you might be able to guess the third word before the first.

Because Quordle #121 is expectedly difficult to solve, we’ve put together four hints to assist you with the puzzle for Wednesday, May 25.

Tips and Advice from Quordle

Selecting words with as many vowels as possible, such as “adieu” or “audio,” is a key strategy that will prove invaluable when attempting to crack the daily brain teaser.

Hints For Quordle #121

Before your nine attempts are up, use the hints below to help you solve today’s answers.

According to Merriam-Webster, word one for Quordle #121 begins with the letter A and means to subdue or reduce in intensity or severity.

Hint 2: The second word for Quordle on Wednesday, May 25, rhymes with trust and is frequently a part of a pizza that is forgotten.

Completely, fully, entirely, totally, utterly, and altogether are synonyms for Quordle #121 word three. The vowels E, U, and I appear in the word, which starts with a Q.

Hint 4: The final word in today’s Quordle starts with the letter C, has only one vowel, and describes the sound made when pressing down on a computer mouse.

Answers to Quordle #121

Still having trouble solving the puzzle from Wednesday, May 25? Below are the four solutions to today’s challenge.

Answer 1: Allay

Answer 2: Crust

Answer 3: Quite

Answer 4: Click

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