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Fans of the hard-to-beat puzzle game QUORDLE can check out these spoiler-free suggestions, which should help you develop a winning streak.

If you’ve finished your daily Wordle and are looking for something a little more substantial to play, Quordle is the game for you. The hardcore version of Wordle pushes the word guessing game to its limits, requiring players to figure out four words instead of just one. Needless to say, this makes Quordle exceedingly difficult, which is why Express Online has compiled a list of spoiler-free hints to assist you in solving Quordle 129 for June 2.

In Quordle, players are given nine opportunities to figure out four different words. If you want to succeed, you’ll need to pay attention to the color of the tiles, just like in Wordle.

If the tiles turn grey, the letter you’re guessing doesn’t occur in the word. If it’s yellow, the letter will display, but not in that location. Finally, green tiles indicate that the letter will appear in that precise location.

With Quordle, the gimmick is that when you guess a word, it appears in all four response boxes. You can solve them in any sequence, so keep an eye on everything. You might be able to figure out the third word before you figure out the first.

One method is to include as many vowels as feasible in your first guess. In your initial effort, try terms like ADIEU or AUDIO, as these letters will appear in more words.

If you can’t solve the first Quordle word in your second guess, pick a term that has five completely different letters to increase your chances of solving each puzzle.

Hints for word 1 in the Quordle…

  1. The first letter of the first word is F.
  2. There are two vowels in the first word.
  3. These hints are hilariously ludicrous.

Hints for word 2 in the Quordle…

  1. The first letter of the second word is W.
  2. There is only one vowel in the second word.
  3. Rhymes with Perth.

Hints for word 3 in the Quordle…

  1. The first letter of the third word is B.
  2. There are two vowels in the third word.
  3. A specific type of boat.

Hints for word 4 in the Quordle…

  1. T is the first letter of the fourth word.
  2. There is only one vowel in the fourth word, although it appears twice.
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