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Who was Danny Kelly Jr ?

Danny Kelly Jr (born 1991) was an American pro boxer who was shot and killed in Maryland, USA in December 2021. He was 30 years of age.

Danny Kelly Jr Cause of Death

Officers arrived shortly before 5 p.m. on Christmas Eve and discovered Danny Kelly Jr., of Clinton, Maryland, in the driver’s seat of an SUV, unresponsive. Kelly was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead, according to authorities.

Kelly, 30, was driving with his girlfriend and three children at the time of the accident, according to preliminary investigation.

“Preliminarily, it appears the suspect’s vehicle pulled up next to Kelly’s SUV and someone inside opened fire,” According to the Prince George’s County Police Department, no one else in Kelly’s vehicle was wounded.

Kelly and his family were on their way to a Thanksgiving dinner when they were shot, according to authorities.

“This is an absolutely heartbreaking loss for Mr. Kelly’s family and friends. He is not home with his loved ones today on Christmas who are now mourning his loss instead of celebrating the holiday,” stated Acting Major David Blazer of the police department’s major crimes division.

“If any other drivers saw anything there on Christmas Eve or may have information that could help, please call us. You can stay anonymous. We are committed to providing answers to his family,” Blazer added.

Police say they are offering up to $25,000 “for information leading to an arrest and indictment in this case.” The shooting occurred in Temple Hills, Maryland, on St. Barnabas Road, which police noted is “a heavily-travelled roadway.”

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