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Who is Darko Desic?

Who is Darko Desic? – Darko Desic (born 1957) is a former Yugoslavian man who had served nearly 15 months of a 2 year and 9 month sentence for cannabis cultivation in Australia, when he used a hacksaw blade to cut the bars on his Grafton correctional centre cell on the evening of July 31, 1992, when Darko Desic, 64, escaped from prison, he was halfway through his term. He claimed he escaped the prison because he did not want to be repatriated to his war-torn homeland of Yugoslavia.

Darko Desic
NameDarko Desic
Date of Birth1957
Age64 years (2021)
Marital statusN/A
Net worthN/A

Desic became homeless and lived in sand dunes in September of this year after his work dried up due to the COVID-19 outbreak. He ultimately made the decision to surrender to the authorities.

Desic made complete confessions to his crimes, and authorities admitted that if he hadn’t surrendered, “he may not have ever been caught.”

Darko Desic Nationality

Darko Desic Nationality – Darko Desic was from the now defunct country – Yugoslavia.

Darko Desic New Trial?

Darko Desic New Trial? – Desic was sentenced to an additional two months in prison on Thursday, on top of the remainder of his initial term, by Magistrate Jennifer Atkinson, who cited his repentance, regret, and help to authorities.

Desic had been rehabilitated in the previous 29 years, according to Ms Atkinson, and had no additional criminal records prior to or after the two instances of cannabis growing.

Darko Desic

“But for handing himself in, the police would have had no idea where he was or what had happened,” Ms Atkinson said. “These are factors that count strongly in his favour.”

She gave Desic a two-month term, which will begin on October 30, 2022, when the non-parole period for his first sentence expires.

Ms Atkinson expressed her gratitude to Desic, who appeared in court via video connection, for having “a really difficult experience over the years,” including being unable to receive support services owing to his position as an escaped prisoner.

Desic’s lawyer, Paul McGirr, said his client just received information from Border Force that when his term finishes, he would be deported or placed in immigration detention.

Outside of court, Mr McGirr expressed his belief that the deportation notice was generated mechanically and expressed his desire that it may be reconsidered. He stated that he will continue to seek clemency for his client from the Attorney General.

Desic told police that his escape was due to a fear he would be deported to his native Yugoslavia, where he had evaded the required military service.

When Will Darko Desic Be Released?

When Will Darko Desic Be Released? – Desic will be eligible for release on December 29, 2022.

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