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Demi Lovato has switched pronouns and is now preferred to be referred to as She/her. She/her has now been added to Demi Lovato’s list of preferred pronouns. They were added to the artist’s preferred pronouns when she recently appeared as a guest on the Spout Podcast to promote her upcoming album Holy Fvck.

She explained that she has been “feeling more feminine” lately. The singer now refers to herself as she, her, they, or them.

The Disney celebrity revealed they/them as their sole preferred pronouns when they first came out as non-binary last year.

Social media is polarized as a result of this most recent revelation, with people expressing differing views on the adjustment.

They/them pronouns are something that the show’s host Tamara Dhia admitted to Demi Lovato during the interview that she still doesn’t “quite understand.” The singer then went on to tell her host that she was “a fluid person” in terms of her gender, sexuality, music, and other facets of her life.

After hearing the news, internet users have found themselves on both sides of the ring. Many claimed that Lovato’s comments were being misrepresented by the media to give the impression that she had given up using they/them pronouns, which is not at all the case. Others believed that the singer had received unwarranted hate for trivial reasons.

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