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Diana Toebbe Wiki

Diana Toebbe Wiki – Diana Smay Toebbe (born 1979) is an American teacher and wife of Jonathan Toebbe. She is best known for collaborating with her husband to sell classified, US Navy submarine secrets to another foreign government.

Diana Toebbe Wiki, Age, Career, Jonathan Toebbe Wife Bio
NameDiana Toebbe
Date of Birth1979
Age45 years (2021)
HusbandJonathan Toebbe
Children2 children

Diana Toebbe was arrested with her husband on the 9th of October 2021. They were captured by the FBI in West Virginia; USA. They were arrested while trying to drop off some of the said documents that they were willing to exchange for cash.

Diana Toebbe Wiki, Age, Career, Jonathan Toebbe Wife Bio

Diana Toebbe Age

Diana Toebbe Age – Diana Toebbe is 45 years of age as at 2021. She was born in 1979.

Diana Toebbe Career

Diana Toebbe Career – For years, Diana Toebbe taught Humanities  at the Key School, a private school in Annapolis, Maryland. Following the revelations of espionage against the United States, she has already been suspended indefinitely by her employer.

Diana Toebbe Husband

Diana Toebbe Husband – Diana Toebbe’s husband is Jonathan Toebbe. Jonathan Toebbe is an American Navy Nuclear Engineer who tried to sell classified Navy submarine secrets to another country.

Diane Toebbe and Husband Charges For Espionage

Diane Toebbe and Husband Charges For Espionage – On October 9, 2021, Johnathan Toebbe and his wife Diana were arrested in Jefferson County, West Virginia, after dropping an SD card with confidential information.

Espionage charges were brought against the pair. Their charges carry a variety of punishments. If they are convicted of acquiring and transmitting defense information to assist a foreign government, they will either spend the rest of their lives in prison or face the death penalty. Economic espionage, on the other hand, carries a sentence of 15 years in prison and a fine of around $5 million. Diana Toebbe Wiki

Diana Toebbe Wiki, Age, Career, Jonathan Toebbe Wife Bio

On Tuesday, the Toebbes will appear in court in Martinsburg, West Virginia.

The FBI, Department of Justice prosecutors, the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, and the Department of Energy collaborated to uncover Jonathan and Diana’s deception. The conspiracy, according to US Attorney General Merrick B. Garland, was to convey knowledge about the design of US nuclear submarines to a foreign country.

According to court documents, Jonathan conveyed a sample of restricted data to a foreign government in April 2020. However, the package was intercepted by an FBI official in a foreign government, who began corresponding with Jonathan in the capacity of that government’s official.

He was persuaded by an FBI agent to swap confidential information for a large sum of cryptocurrencies. Then Jonathan and his wife travelled to West Virginia and dropped an SD card containing sensitive information hidden inside a peanut butter sandwich.

The couple then drove to a location in south-central Pennsylvania and dropped another SD card in a band-aid wrapper, which contained schematics, sketches, and other papers. In late August, the pair hid another SD card in a chewing gum wrapper and abandoned it in Virginia.

In addition to the SD cards, Jonathan also sent an undercover FBI agent a message explaining how he accumulated the information over time and snuck it past security checks. He also mentioned that there was another person who was aware of Jonathan’s friendship with the undercover agent. Diana Toebbe Wiki

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