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According to the report, Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon were kissing backstage after a show, and a TikTok user’s imitation of the scenario went viral.

A peculiar internet rumor circulated this week when a TikTok video went popular, claiming that singer Ariana Grande and TV comedian Jimmy Fallon had hooked up in the past. Because both celebrities are now married, but not to each other, the story quickly spread like wildfire.

What was the beginning of it all?

People assumed @dearjane1 was referring to Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon when she shared a TikTok video claiming a singer and a TV anchor had secretly dated.

‘TV host and A-List singer’s tiny secret?’ was the headline of the video Jane shared on Christmas Day 2021. She acted out a rumor given to her account by an unknown online user in the video. According to the video, the individual in question was dating a “comedian” at the time.

As a result, many in the video’s comments section assumed that the incident depicted involved Jimmy Fallon and Ariana Grande.

Viewers also assumed the video alluded to Grande’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson. Even though the video did not name anyone, the false story spread like wildfire from then on. The video immediately accumulated over 880,000 views.

What is the identity of @DearJane1?

Jane is a TikTok star that has around 400,000 fans. She’s no stranger to passing along “unconfirmed news and parodies.”

Typically, she receives “tips” on various celebrities from anonymous internet users and reenacts the rumors.

She states in the video that the tipster was working in PR at a popular talk show in 2018 when she noticed that the host of the show routinely invited a certain A-list artist on as a guest.

After walking backstage after a gig, the tipster claimed to have seen the singer and talk show presenter kissing.

The tipster was astonished at the time because she assumed the artist was already romantically involved with a well-known comedian.

According to the storyteller, she heard through a coworker that the two had been hooking up, which made her worry if the singer and the comedian were having an open relationship.

People who watched the video received the impression that Grande was the “A-list singer” being imitated since @dearjane1 had purposefully fashioned herself like Grande, complete with hair extensions.

In 2018, Grande was engaged to Pete Davidson, and Jimmy Fallon routinely invited her on his talk show around that time. If the report is true, Fallon would be cheating as well, considering he has been married since 2007. In the caption that accompanied the video, she said, “Not sure about this one.” “However, the crazier the store, the more probable it is genuine; let us know what you think!”

For the time being, these false accusations have no foundation, as both celebrities are known to be happily married and in love with their respective spouses.

While Fallon is married to Nancy Juvonen and the couple has two children together, Grande recently married Dalton Gomez.

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