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Logan Paul agreed to play alongside Olivia O’Brien at Coachella 2022, prompting speculation that the song ‘Josslyn’ was about the YouTuber.

The YouTuber has been open about his romances, but followers have been curious about his relationship with Olivia.

While the two opted to go their separate ways, their friendship has just resurfaced due to a recent event.

Is the Josslyn song by Olivia O’Brien about Logan Paul?

Logan is the subject of Josslyn. In 2019, the couple began dating but wanted to keep their relationship private. While nothing is known about their relationship, after the release of “Josslyn,” viewers began to question if the YouTuber had cheated.

Olivia refused to confirm any speculations for a long time. She did, however, later decide to respond to the fan speculations. According to Dexerto, the singer remained silent about the song for a long time because she “didn’t want people to know.” People in my business irritate me.”

Olivia’s fans were ecstatic to see her take the stage and perform some of her hit tunes. She also performed “Josslyn,” to which the audience erupted in applause.

The most surprising aspect of the performance, though, was Logan’s appearance during her song. Everyone was taken aback by Logan’s appearance, but the YouTuber managed to defuse the situation by holding a sign that read, “It wasn’t worth it.”

Logan has never addressed the cheating allegations before, but his sign makes it clear that he is not proud of his actions.

Is Logan Paul currently dating anyone?

Logan appears to be single at the moment. The YouTuber has been spotted with Charly Jordan several times, leading to speculation that they are dating.

To add to this, Charly has often shared pictures with Logan on her Instagram stories. While it would appear the pair happens to hang out a lot, they have not confirmed any of the dating rumors.

With that being stated, it appears the two are merely good friends.

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