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Did The Simpsons Predict Astroworld by Travis Scott? – The Simpsons’ predictions of current events continue to astound everyone. According to the latest idea, they also anticipated Travis Scott’s recent Astroworld Music Festival.

The Fox show has managed to perplex its audience for over three decades, whether it’s for their prediction of a billionaire in space, albeit they didn’t identify Richard Branson, or Donald Trump’s administration.

After the Astroworld disaster, fans are unable to unsee a facet portrayed in one of the show’s older episodes.

A video containing a scene from The Simpsons and Travis Scott’s Dystopia painting is circulating on TikTok, with users making analogies between the two.

Homer is seen carrying the American supermarket newspaper Weekly World News, which features a photo of the fictional figure Bat Boy, in the viral video.

“Bat Boy precisely forecasts final four,” reads a remark on the front.

Travis’ current single, Escape Plan, off his album Dystopia, has a cover photo that looks similar to the art on the front of the magazine.

Many people believe that The Simpsons foresaw the singer’s concert because Travis published the cover barely a day before Astroworld 2021.

The latest idea involving The Simpsons and Travis’ concert has caused a stir on social media.

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