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According to Zac Efron, his mother was the one to inform him of online rumors that he had plastic surgery on his jaw.

Did Zac Efron Have a Plastic Surgery on His Jaw?

In a cover interview with Men’s Health that was released on September 7th, Zac disclosed that he severely damaged his jaw when he slipped and hit his chin against the granite corner of a fountain in his home. His chewing muscles, called masseter muscles, in his face “just grew” as a result. They simply became extremely large, which made his jawline appear wider.

Zac Efron is revealing the “Jaw-gate” truth.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever actor, 34, was questioned about rumors that he had plastic surgery on his jaw during an interview with Men’s Health. Many claimed he appeared differently in an Earth Day PSA when the rumors first surfaced in April of last year.

Efron acknowledged that his appearance had changed recently and explained that this was due to the fact that his face and jaw muscles had to work harder as a result of breaking his jaw in November 2013 after falling over at home.

He claimed that while a person’s masseter muscles and facial muscles should work together “like a symphony,” his injury meant that this was no longer the case.

While filming season 2 of his Netflix series Down to Earth in Australia last year, he briefly stopped seeing a physical therapist to aid in his recovery.

Efron recalled, “The masseters just grew.” They simply grew extremely large.

His mother, who the media dubbed “jaw-gate,” informed him about the attention his appearance was receiving online and the rumors that he had undergone plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures.

Efron stated that he usually makes an effort to avoid using social media, adding, “If I cared as much about what other people thought of me as they might think I do. Without a doubt, I couldn’t complete this task.”

In the interview, Efron also discussed his overall relationship with his body, saying that the chiseled physique viewers saw in 2017’s Baywatch isn’t “attainable.”

“I don’t know if getting that Baywatch look is actually possible. Efron claimed, “Like, it’s fake; it looks CGI’d. There’s simply too little water in the skin. Lasix, potent diuretics were needed to achieve that. I don’t have to do that, then. I much prefer to have an additional 2–3% body fat than not.”

In addition to taking diuretics, Efron cited overtraining, eating the same three meals every day, and not getting enough sleep as contributing factors to his condition, according to Men’s Health.

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