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According to a source who spoke to Heat Magazine, Will and Jada haven’t been getting along since the slap.

“The hostility between them has been apparent since the Oscars scandal. They’ve had issues for years, but they’re barely communicating right now.” (paraphrased)

The source went on to suggest that the upcoming divorce would be quite messy. “If they divorce, Will owns a $350 million fortune, which Jada would be entitled to under California law.” It could be one of the most acrimonious divorces in Hollywood history, lasting even longer than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s.”

According to comments made by Jada in 1997, the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement.

Jada talked up about their prenup a year before they were set to marry, and how Will refused to sign it despite her insistence that she would “sign anything.”

According to Newsweek, she told the Chicago Sun-Times, “Someone actually had the nerve to ask if I’m signing a prenuptial agreement,” Jada described her spouse as “very generous.” She said she found the question amusing.

“I had to giggle since Will is such a kind person and we adore each other… “Actually, I told Will, ‘You and your accountant can make up any prenuptial agreement you want,'” she continued. “I’m willing to sign anything.” Will is a wonderful person. ‘Let’s not do a prenup,’ he says.” (paraphrased)

Despite the fact that a divorce is rumored to be on the horizon, Will is said to be adamant about not going through with it.

“Will definitely doesn’t want it, but he can only take so much. Will has made no secret of his dissatisfaction with Jada’s willingness to share every intimate element of their marriage.

“Big studios put a lot of pressure on him to sell their movies, and you have to be spotless.” This is the ultimate straw, and it may compel him to call it quits.”

In recent weeks, Jada’s and Will’s marriage has been scrutinized.
Jada Pinkett Smith reportedly didn’t want to marry Will in the first place and “cried while walking down the aisle.” according to reports.

Jada Pinkett Smith talks about her wedding and marriage to Will in an unearthed tape from her show ‘Red Table Talk.’ Jada recalls “crying down the freaking aisle,” and that she only married Will because she was pregnant with Jaden in the video.

“I didn’t want to get married at all…

“I, too, didn’t want a wedding,” Jada admitted. “I was under a lot of stress.” Being a young actress, pregnant at the same time. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I knew I didn’t want to marry.”

However, this news comes as no surprise, as Will previously stated in an interview with GQ that Jada “never believed in a conventional marriage.”

Will explained, “Jada had family members who had an unconventional relationship.” “As a result, she grew up in a very different way than I did.”

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