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Eliza Fletcher Net worth – $3.2B (Inheritance)

Eliza Fletcher was a heiress to a $3.2b fortune. Eliza, who goes by the name “Liza,” comes from a wealthy family. Her late grandfather Joseph “Joe” Orgill III was a hardware tycoon and the founder of Orgill Inc.

Eliza Fletcher Biography

Eliza Fletcher was a pre-kindergarten teacher who taught at St. Mary’s Episcopal School. She was sadly kidnapped and murdered by an ex-convict Cleotha Abston who has now been rearrested.

Numerous people in Tennessee were horrified by Eliza Fletcher’s kidnapping. At St. Mary’s Episcopal School, Eliza has long been a cherished pre-kindergarten instructor. She is, however, heir to the billion-dollar fortune of Orgill Inc., the hardware company owned by her family.

Near the University of Memphis, Eliza was kidnapped on Friday, September 2, at around 4.20 am. She was reportedly being forced inside a dark SUV while jogging by an unidentified captor.

A mother of two and a kindergarten teacher from Memphis named Eliza Fletcher was kidnapped on Friday while out for a morning run. She is known as Liza by her family. Cleotha Abston, 38, was detained following Fletcher’s puzzling kidnapping on Friday.

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