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Erica Herman Net worth

Erica Herman has an estimated net worth of $3 million according to Sportskeeda. Erica Herman was in a relationship with Tiger Woods and they dated for a while. They made their first public appearance as a couple during the President’s Cup in September 2017.

Erica Herman Career

Despite having a law degree, most of Erica’s professional experience lies in the hospitality industry. During her time in university in Orlando, she started working as a bartender and eventually became a VIP manager at the Blue Martini lounge.

Erica later attempted to open a series of nightclubs in Florida with two business partners and a local investor, but the venture was unsuccessful. She also worked at the Aura Bar & Restaurant in Florida before becoming the general manager of The Woods Jupiter, Tiger’s flagship restaurant. The restaurant opened in Florida’s Harbourside Place in August 2015, and she has been working there since its inception.

How Erica Herman Met Tiger Woods

Erica and Tiger reportedly met at the Blue Martini lounge, where she worked during her college years, but they only started dating after she became the restaurant manager at The Woods Jupiter.

Recently, Erica has filed a lawsuit against Tiger, claiming that he sexually abused her and tricked her into leaving his home to go on vacation, only to lock her out. They have also reportedly ended their six-year relationship, and she is now taking legal action over an NDA she claims she was forced to sign.

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