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Everleigh Rose Biography

Everleigh Rose (Everleigh Soutas) is an actress best known for her roles in Everleigh Opens Toys, Giggles Talk, and JoJo’s Juice. Everleigh was born on December 14, 2012, in Orange County, California, United States. Everleigh Rose will be eight years old in 2021.

Everleigh Rose Biography

She has a half-brother who goes by the name Zealand. With her mother, she created The Wild Threads, a tiny online children’s clothing store.

Everleigh Rose Biography

NameEverleigh Rose
Date of BirthDecember 14, 2012
Age9 years (2021)
FatherTommy Smith
MotherSavannah Labrant
Step-FatherCole Labrant
Net worth$200,000

Everleigh Rose Career

Everleigh Rose is a popular Instagram user and a young online media personality. Her mother manages her Instagram account. She’s also a force to be reckoned with on TikTok and YouTube.

Her Instagram account currently has 5.1 million followers. Her Instagram handle is @everleighrose, and you can find her there.

Everleigh can be found on TikTok as @savv.labrant. Her mother manages her TikTok account as well. Her TikTok account has 1.4 billion preferences and 23.1 million followers.

Everleigh Rose is a young lady of 9 years old. Her birthday is December 14th, 2012, and she was born in the year 2012.

Everleigh was featured in Vogue Australia and was featured in a Kardashian Kids mission.

Everleigh Rose Biography

Everleigh Rose Net worth

Everleigh Rose’s net worth is estimated to be at $200,000. She is a well-known child star who appears on children’s reality shows and television.
Her main sources of revenue are social media platforms and professional acting; she has also done modeling work.

Everleigh Rose Biography

Everleigh Rose Parents

Everleigh Rose father is Tommy Smith and her mother is Savannah Labrant. Her step father is Cole Labrant.

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