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Gabby Petito Police Body Cam Exposes Brian Laundrie – Gabby Petito claimed in newly revealed bodycam film that her then-fiancé, Brian Laundrie, seized her during an argument, but she claimed she instigated the physical conflict.

Petito was nearly arrested for domestic violence on the same day as the previous video, but police let her and Laundrie depart separately. The brawls took place mere weeks before Petito vanished and more than a month before her body was discovered.

A Moab police officer tells Petito in the new footage that he can see marks on her face within minutes of meeting her. She originally dismissed it as a backpack-related accident, but the police persisted in questioning her.

In the video, the officer tells Petito, “There’s two people who came to us and told us that they saw him beat you.” “Two witnesses claim to have seen him punch you.”

Gabby Petito imitates the manner Brian Laundrie allegedly grabbed her. Courtesy of the Moab Police Department.

“To tell you the truth, I probably punched him first,” Petito admitted. She admits to slapping Laundrie “a couple” of times in the face. He then grabbed her and clamped his fingers around her jaw, digging his claws into her cheek, she informed the officer.

Laundrie, she claimed, did not punch or slap her. She informed them they were having arguments because they had spent months in the van together on a cross-country vacation.

The police then summoned one of the witnesses, who stated that he was not present when Laundrie struck her.

Over the phone, the witness told the officer, “I just observed this couple was sort of bickering a bit.” “It appeared as if they were arguing over a phone. He appeared to be attempting to take her phone.”

The witness stated, “I think I witnessed maybe a push or a shove but not a full-on punch to the face or anything.”

Case of Gabby Petito: A timeline of her road journey with her lover, with a fatal ending

Petito claimed she hit Laundrie because he was instructing her to calm down, according to the probe. Officers corroborated this and stated that they were required by Utah law to charge Petito with domestic violence at the very least.

The whole bodycam video is available in the clip below.

When she was told she’d have to be separated from Laundrie and attend an online court session, she sobbed and pleaded for a traffic ticket instead.

She wailed and pleaded, “I don’t want to be separated.” “Please. Please remember that we’re a group. Can we just get a driving ticket because it’s going to cause me so much anxiety?”

One of the officers called a supervisor because he did not believe a domestic violence citation was justified. After that, he questioned Petito about her motivation for assaulting Laundrie.

“Were you aiming to give him physical pain or impairments when you smacked him those times?” he inquired.

Petito retorted, “No, never.”

Gabby Petito is a special correspondent for NewsNation.

That showed she didn’t aim to hurt him, so her actions didn’t qualify as domestic assault, according to the officer. The pair was eventually instructed to spend the night apart, but Petito was not charged.

Petito was further away from the microphone in previously released film from this contact with police, which largely revealed Laundrie’s account. After an argument, he told investigators she had “gone into a manic state,” and he locked her out of their van so she could calm down. As she returned inside, she battled with the two as she opened the driver’s side door.

Petito’s case was last heard on August 27. Laundrie was reported missing on September 11 after returning home alone after their cross-country excursion.

Petito’s body was discovered on September 19 in Wyoming.

According to his lawyer, Laundrie has been gone since Sept. 14, when he was charged with bank fraud.


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