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Who is Genoveva Umeh?

Genoveva Umeh Kenechukwu is a Nigerian actress, lawyer, and entertainer who has appeared in films such as Love Is War (2019), One Lagos Night (2021), and the critically praised Netflix series Blood Sisters (2022)

Who is Genoveva Umeh?

Genoveva Umeh Kenechukwu is a Nigerian actress, lawyer, and entertainer who has appeared in films such as Love Is War (2019), One Lagos Night (2021), and the critically praised Netflix series Blood Sisters (2022)

NameGenoveva Umeh
Date of Birthmid-late 90s
Agebetween ages (25-30)
Contact[email protected]
Character in Blood SistersTimiyen
Net worth$200,000
State of OriginAnambra state
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
Lagos, Nigeria
InstagramGENOVEVA UMEH (@gen0vevaumeh)

Genoveva Umeh Background

Genoveva Umeh was born in the late 1990s in Nigeria. She is from the state of Anambra. Her mother is a certified nurse and her father is a computer engineer. Her family moved to the United Kingdom when she was still a child, in 2006.

Genoveva Umeh Education

Genoveva Umeh studied Law at a prestigious university in the United Kingdom. She earned her law degree from the university in 2018. She juggled her education as a law student with her acting career frequently. She said in an interview with ThisdayLive,

“In 2014, I was studying law when I became interested in Nollywood after seeing films shot in Nigeria by Nigerians. As an usher for Nollywood London premieres, I worked closely with UK media consultant DJ Abass. During Q&A sessions, I’d inquire about working in Nigeria with the filmmakers. I had made contact with a few filmmakers, who then offered me background acting roles.”

“My favorite high school class was drama. I wanted to receive additional training when I was 17, and I was fortunate enough to get admitted into Identity School of Acting in the United Kingdom. As a retailer at Primark, I trained there for a semester and was able to support myself. Because my parents are first-generation immigrants, formal education is required, therefore I was hesitant to pursue Drama as an undergrad. Although I like acting, I considered it a hobby and chose to pursue law instead. I’ve been in a lot of theatre plays, watched a lot of movies, and read a lot of papers about filmmaking.”

Genoveva Umeh’s Professional Life

Genoveva Umeh has been acting for a while and has been working hard to establish herself in the Nollywood film industry. Her career began, she claims, after she sent audition tapes to Nigerian producers for casting calls. She was even invited to a casting call for Ebonylife’s ‘On The Real.’

From Blood Sisters, Who is Timiyen Ademola?

In the Netflix series Blood Sisters, Genoveva Umeh played Timiyen Ademola. Timiyen was the Ademola family’s drug addict who also wanted to run the family’s pharmaceutical company.

She said she couldn’t go to Nigeria for an audition because she was in the middle of her studies at the time. She did, however, land her first starring part in an Enugu-based series. She returned to Lagos to seek a career in acting.

Genoveva Umeh Net Worth, Age, and Biography (From Blood Sisters’ Timiyen)
In an interview, she stated,

“In early 2021, I enlisted as part of Ebonylife Creative Academy’s first intake for acting training. I’d lost a lot of faith in myself, and the epidemic in 2020 meant I hadn’t worked in months. In the same year, I’d also lost a major acting role, so I needed a safe place to rethink myself and my approach to my career moving ahead. Our Head of Acting, Drikus Volschenk, made sure that we knew how to bet on ourselves during the three-month course.”

Timiyen’s Role in Netflix’s Blood Sisters

In the Netflix series Blood Sisters, Genoveva Umeh plays Timiyen. She described how she auditioned for the show and how she was eventually cast.

She said,

Kenneth Gyang, the Directoring faculty’s HOD at the time, took notice of my work and recommended me to Mo Abudu, the CEO of EbonyLife Media. In two days, I had to audition for the role of ‘Timeyin.’ I received an offer letter for the role of Timeyin after my audition. It was a dream come true because I grew up watching Nollywood films in my Enugu State home and began actively working as a young adult in university to be a part of delivering authentic African stories.

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